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Toiletally (Totally) Unique SteelMaster Man Cave

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steel a-model quonset hut with white garage door and the words "man room" on the endwallOne of the first things noticeable in the picture of David Blatt’s SteelMaster “Man Room”, is the elegance and sheer beauty of the steel arch, or the grace of the big American flag proudly perched atop his building. If not that, then perhaps it is the outlines of the two witches above the garage door. Or, maybe it is the outside toilet.

We have all seen at least one of the vacation commercials of the couple in matching bathtubs holding hands from their respective tubs viewing the ocean, or the beach lounger made to look like a canopy bed on the beach that show the parents and two children resting comfortably talking about which fun excursion to try next… but a couple, or a man on his “throne”…

David Blatt even admits, “The toilet was just for a Halloween decoration. It was meant to be a spoof, instead of the typical “Man Cave”. Having a toilet in the front, the building became a ‘Man Room’. Get it?”
Oh sure, SteelMaster “gets it”. And although it is enough to make one giggle, admittedly laugh to the point of snorting, we do not need to delve any further. By this point, we all have a visual of some sort.

“I will say that sadly, the toilet was inoperable,” added David. “We ended up taking it to the ‘dump’.”

Okay… moving on…enough already with the tongue-in-cheek metaphors. SteelMaster asked David, “What is it you ‘do do’ in your SteelMaster shed.” (Sorry, we could not resist…)

“My wife, Linda is a registered nurse with the health department here in Chassahowitzka, Florida, close to Homosassa Springs which is part of Citrus County.”

Really, David? Are you pulling our leg, again – Chassa-what?

“Seriously, I know the names are a bit unusual, but it’s beautiful here. We’re located six miles from the gulf coast and the Weeki Wachee Mermaids and Manatees,” David chuckled.

“The real reason I purchased my SteelMaster Building has to do with my wife. After Port Charlotte was hit by Hurricane Charley a couple of years back, Linda did rescue work. She actually went knocking on doors checking out the occupants and making sure people were okay and had water and medical care. A friend of ours owned a SteelMaster building in town and knew of others who did too. I’m not going to say my decision to buy one was fear-based, it was based on evidence. I’m quite sure I made a smart decision after realizing that SteelMaster Buildings were still virtually untouched and still standing when everything else around them was demolished,” said David.

“And… get this… after the hurricane, people were actually using SteelMaster buildings for temporary shelter!” added David.

His “Man Room” rests upon a hill on his property. David said, “If a storm comes this way, I know where my wife and I will be.”

Actually, his wife is allowed in the Man Room, she just chooses not to go inside. David explained she comes by and peers in to tell him when dinner is ready.

“It’s kind of like my personal space, which I am using to the fullest,” adds David.

His SteelMaster building serves as storage, a workshop and even a garage at times. In his spare time, David makes palmetto brushes, jump ropes (he even has a rope-making machine) and finely-crafted walking sticks. David also volunteers with Florida Fish and Wildlife and builds bird houses for kestrel hawks.

He has a refrigerator filled with water and Gatorade, and a newly-added recliner. “It’s so comfortable in here. I have gone out here to work and ended up kicking back in my recliner and fallen asleep,” basks David.

“My whole experience with SteelMaster could not have been any better. I have a friend with a long-bed truck, which we used for the delivery – which, by the way, was on time like I was told. The only thing that wasn’t perfect was I received an extra part, and needed to exchange it. All I had to do was place a call to SteelMaster and I had it the very next week. It was no problem at all, since we were still in the building process anyway,” said David.

David’s picture of his SteelMaster building has been on our website before. It was such a good representation of a “Man Room/Cave”; we included it in our archives when he sent it to us for our use. He saw it posted on Facebook recently and was proud to see it, but said, “Hey… that’s my man cave!” which led us to contact him for this story. And, we are so glad we did.

SteelMaster’s steel and metal pre-engineered buildings are designed for a broad range of residential and commercial applications including workshops, agricultural storage, garages, RV storage, roofing systems, carports, airplane hangars, military buildings, commercial warehousing, and industrial storage as well as a wide variety of custom building applications including athletic facilities, retail stores, churches, bus stops, smoke shacks, doggie dorms, and correctional facilities.

SteelMaster appreciates David’s enthusiasm for our product, and for becoming a Partner in Steel. He has received one unexpected check for a referral that purchased from us, and he still tells everyone he can about his story and sends them our way.

Although SteelMaster buildings are engineered for life and to withstand hurricane-force winds, we cannot and do not guarantee our buildings will survive every tornado and hurricane. We can only urge all of our customer friends to heed any warnings or evacuations as recommended by city/state officials. Due to variations in individual customer building techniques and custom end walls, it would only be misleading if we marketed our brand as completely indestructible.

We do know this for certain… SteelMaster blows any wannabe companies out of the water.

We thank David for the use of his pictures and for telling us his story. We certainly hope he will never have to use his man room as shelter during or after a storm. Here’s hoping he continues to enjoy his building and relaxing in his recliner when not busy with his crafts.

– written by Tammy Kistler

(Tammy is a freelance writer and resides in Hampton Roads, VA)