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Agriculture Building Projects & Applications For Any Farm Or Industry

Learn why farmers and the agriculture industry are ditching pole barns for the more versatile, easy-to-construct, and durable Quonset hut. We showcase some of our most notable agriculture projects and reveal why the Quonset is the go-to choice for agricultural applications.

Quonset Hut: The Preferred Greenhouse Choice for a Mushroom Farm

“I did a little research. It came up on Google and had good reviews."

Shellfish Hatchery Chooses Steel Building After Fire

“It was a good experience. Good quality materials. We’re pleased with the building,” James concluded.

SteelMaster Quonset Hut Keeps Florida Pigs Safe and Sound

SteelMaster customer Connie D. uses Quonset huts to shelter her pigs because of their durability, disaster resistance, and cost-effectiveness.

7 Ways to Use Your Steel Quonset Hut Shed

No matter the size, SteelMaster can design a metal shed for any purpose. Check out the list below of different ways you can use your DIY shed kit!

Lavender Farm’s Quonset Hut Casitas Offer Views & Hospitality

The Quonset hut casitas of Rockin' H Lavender Farm in Texas are unique structures that offer amazing views and encourage relaxation for guests.

Why You Should Use a Steel Building for Your Grow House

From smaller grow houses to large-scale buildings, SteelMaster’s metal Quonset huts can accommodate any size grow operation.

Pole Barns vs Steel Barns: What are the differences?

When choosing a building, it's important to look at all of your options. Here are some differences between pole barns and SteelMaster metal barns.

7 Businesses That Profited From Their Steel Building

Seven businesses all in different industries found a way to meet these demands and more when they invested in Quonset Hut steel building design.

Business Owner Builds Coffee Company Using Metal Shipping Container Cover

Mike M. doesn’t have to go far to get a delicious cup of Hawaiian dark roast in the morning. Just a few steps from his front door is the site of his own coffee production company, Pua'a Lani (Hog Heaven), which was created using a SteelMaster metal shipping container cover and two salvaged shipping containers.

Farmer Uses Container Cover to Transform Old Silo

Jim Countryman didn’t waste any time calling SteelMaster when he needed a container cover to protect his farm equipment.