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Looking for more information about Quonset huts? You’ve come to the right place.

Steel Buildings For Businesses — Projects & Engineering

SteelMaster has a dedicated commercial building team that’s experienced in working with businesses, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. Our building experts understand that commercial customers need prompt and professional answers about buildings that meet their bottom line and are quick to assemble.

We’ve worked with every branch of the US Military, NASA and major companies like Disney, Exxon and Boeing while still working with small businesses nationwide. Learn about some of favorite commercial building projects and the companies behind them.

SteelMaster’s Presence in the Caribbean: Six Notable Projects

SteelMaster’s buildings are located on several islands in the Caribbean, with buildings serving as relief shelters to sustainable fisheries. Learn more about six SteelMaster projects in the Caribbean!

Quonset Hut: The Preferred Greenhouse Choice for a Mushroom Farm

“I did a little research. It came up on Google and had good reviews."

Shellfish Hatchery Chooses Steel Building After Fire

“It was a good experience. Good quality materials. We’re pleased with the building,” James concluded.

Quonset Displays Aircraft Engines at Air Force Base Museum

The Air Mobility Command Museum's Quonset hut, known as the "Engine Barn" hosts an exhibit that houses many old aircraft engines.

Storage Buildings Withstand Hurricane Winds in Mexico

After the damage and destruction Odile caused to Los Cabos, three business partners called SteelMaster to purchase storage units for local businesses that would be able to withstand the high winds from hurricanes.

Quonset Hut at Arizona Winery Combines Functionality and Style

Chen + Suchart Studio designed the Quonset hut that serves as a production facility and tasting room at Los Milics Winery in Elgin, Arizona.

Florida Business Uses Quonset Hut For Food and Farming

Congaree and Penn initially used their SteelMaster Quonset hut for agricultural storage and later added on to the building to include a restaurant and dining area, making it a remarkable Florida tourism destination.

NASA Uses Quonset Hut to Transport World’s Largest Rocket Stage

A 50' x 310' SteelMaster Quonset hut is a component of NASA's Pegasus barge, which protects and transports the largest rocket stage in the world.

Reserve Engineers Assemble Quonset Huts at Oklahoma Air Force Base

Reserve engineers assembled three SteelMaster Quonset huts at the Glenwood training area of Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.

Lavender Farm’s Quonset Hut Casitas Offer Views & Hospitality

The Quonset hut casitas of Rockin' H Lavender Farm in Texas are unique structures that offer amazing views and encourage relaxation for guests.