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Looking for more information about Quonset huts? You’ve come to the right place.

Steel Buildings For Businesses — Projects & Engineering

SteelMaster has a dedicated commercial building team that’s experienced in working with businesses, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. Our building experts understand that commercial customers need prompt and professional answers about buildings that meet their bottom line and are quick to assemble.

We’ve worked with every branch of the US Military, NASA and major companies like Disney, Exxon and Boeing while still working with small businesses nationwide. Learn about some of favorite commercial building projects and the companies behind them.

Arches “Steel” the Show at this Thrift Shop

If you love the feeling of getting your hands on unique antiques, you should certainly visit Building 160 Supply Company in Pahrump, Nevada.

When Government Agencies have Storage Problems, SteelMaster has Solutions

For over 35 years, the SteelMaster brand has been synonymous with strength, style, and value. We've invested in lasting relationships with thousands of business owners and customers around the globe.

Chilean Nut Factory Solves Storage Woes With Q-Huts

Huertos Del Valle, a Chilean nut factory, purchased SteelMaster Q-huts to protect their harvested products from contamination.

Steel Aircraft Building in Malta

SteelMaster Buildings attended the unveiling of their large aircraft maintenance facility in the European country of Malta.

Ft. Lauderdale Utilities Department Storage Building

Ft. Lauderdale Utilities Department storage building was a repurposed building from Florida Fire Department, reducing waste and saving money.

Metal Buildings Protect Los Alamos Residents

In order to keep contaminates from reaching the air, Los Alamos National Laboratory chose to enclose their excavation sites with SteelMaster buildings.

H-E-B Grocery Store Roofing System

H-E-B grocery store in Austin, TX features a SteelMaster roofing system.

On a Mission with Steel in the Bahamas

SteelMaster is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the buildings used on the OPBAT base in the Bahamas where DEA helicopters are stored.