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Chilean Nut Factory Solves Storage Woes With Q-Huts

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industrial facility with steel quonset hut building

If you’ve ever indulged in a bag of delicious trail mix, a spoonful of creamy walnut ice cream, or topped off that salad with a few sliced almonds, you may have been digesting a product grown along the South American west coast in the country of Chile.

The warm, wet climate makes this area ideal for the harvesting of nuts, which is one of the largest agricultural sectors in Latin America and creates thousands of jobs. Workers in South America are some of the best when it comes to harvesting, but they encountered a problem that was a potential threat to the overall economic well-being of the entire industry — storage.

Instead of trying to take a crack at solving this problem alone, Huertos Del Valle (HDV) came to SteelMaster Buildings to help their bottom line.

close up photo of walnuts outside of shellHDV is a Chilean company located in the town of Paine and they are one of the largest exporters of nuts in the area. Since 2003, they have been processing and exporting several different products including walnuts, almonds and plums to individuals and companies around the world.

They use cutting-edge technology including lasers, optics, x-rays and metal detectors to help them detect and remove contamination. Most importantly, they needed a facility that was strong enough to protect both the equipment and their products. They tasked SteelMaster Buildings with this challenge and our dedicated professionals were there to help.

HDV was specifically looking for an efficient way to store their harvested seeds. Adequate storage has been a significant problem for farmers in South America. Their inability to store the products they harvest has resulted in an estimated 50% loss in harvested cereals and nuts.

To help solve storage problems previously, the government tried to step in to provide the necessary storage but there was poor quality control and products were still lost in the process.

Effective, airtight storage is what HDV wanted for their facility, and they chose the SteelMaster Quonset HutTM to help them achieve that. They purchased four SteelMaster structures to protect their products. They were most impressed with our buildings’ strength, the airtight doors, and their ability to be customized to their specifications.

Only SteelMaster’s unique, prefabricated structures are built strong enough to protect this company’s most precious products.