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Quonset Engineering & Materials – Stories Behind The Buildings

Building a building that will last for decades takes quality materials and engineering to do it right. These are some of the Quonset’s that required an extra level of engineering expertise that SteelMaster team was able to assist with. Learn about the building codes and material engineering requirements that were either met or surpassed with Quonset hut buildings.

Quonset Hut Makes for an Unforgettable Wedding and Event Venue

After falling in love with a beautiful 4 acre property, Rodney and his wife decided to build a Quonset hut event venue.

6 Reasons to Choose SteelMaster Batten Insulation

Have you ever wondered what the best way to insulate a metal building is? Then this article is for you.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Steel

Steel is in fact one of the most versatile and important materials in the world, but few know many facts about the impressive material.

Unique Steel Auto Shop in Puerto Rico

Carlos B. came to SteelMaster when he needed a workshop for his automotive repair business, C.O.B. Mufflers.

SteelMaster’s Buildings Receive CE Marking

SteelMaster’s buildings have received the CE Marking, meaning our products and operations have been audited and physically inspected to be in compliance with the applicable harmonized standard for steel structures, EN 1090-1.  

SteelMaster Extends Warranty to 40 Years

SteelMaster Buildings is thrilled to announce an extension of the rust perforation warranty on our Galvalume Plus steel.

NASA Uses Quonset Hut to Transport World’s Largest Rocket Stage

A 50' x 310' SteelMaster Quonset hut is a component of NASA's Pegasus barge, which protects and transports the largest rocket stage in the world.

Construction Underway at ‘Caterpillar’ Quonset Housing Project

Major progress is underway at Prince Concepts’ new Quonset hut housing project, ‘The Caterpillar.’ The company released photos of the building being constructed, along with an update on the project.

Quonset Hut Pole Vaulting Facility Helps Alaskan Athletes Jump Year-Round

David B., a second generation pole vaulter, decided to take his family's hobby to the next level by building a Quonset hut pole vaulting facility.

Four Reasons to Choose a Steel Building Over A Fabric Building

From the clear span design to overall shape, fabric buildings seem to have a lot in common with steel buildings. However, there are significant differences.