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Quonset Hut Applications For Restaurants & Eateries

Restaurants, taprooms and eateries love Quonset hut arches and buildings because they provide the space and cool look their diners want. Whether it’s adding a covered outdoor space, building additions or constructing entire restaurants, Quonsets are a popular choice because of their low cost construction that provides maximal space. These are just a few of the projects we’ve worked on and the stories of our happy customers.

Texas Hotel Uses Quonset Hut as Event Space

In addition to a restaurant, café and other amenities, The Carpenter Hotel in Austin, Texas has a hidden gem near their outdoor pool: an event space known as the “Q-Hut.”

Quonset Hut at Arizona Winery Combines Functionality and Style

Chen + Suchart Studio designed the Quonset hut that serves as a production facility and tasting room at Los Milics Winery in Elgin, Arizona.

Quonset Hut Pavilion Provides Shade From Texas Sun

A SteelMaster customer built a Quonset hut pavilion to protect her from the sun's heat at her property in central Texas.

Award-Winning Chef Rodney Scott Makes BBQ in Quonset Hut Pit House

Critically acclaimed chef Rodney Scott purchased a Quonset hut after his pit house burned down in November 2013.

Virginia Quarry Garden Uses Quonset Roof for Picnic Pavilion

When the Quarry Gardens at Schuyler needed to add a picnic pavilion on their property, they chose a SteelMaster metal roofing system to keep their visitors protected and in the shade.

Wisconsin Diner Uses SteelMaster Container Cover to Create Taproom

The Delta Diner is bringing the flavors of Jamaica to Wisconsin with their new venue made from two shipping containers and a SteelMaster container cover roof.

Quonset Hut Distillery Featured On Discovery Channel

A Quonset Hut distillery in Virginia will show off its big makeover on the new Discovery Channel show "Whiskey Business".

Businesses Use SteelMaster Structures to Stand Out From Competition

Setting your business apart from competitors can be a hard task. Check out how these businesses use SteelMaster structures to stand out from the crowd!

New Steel Buildings Help Keep Business ‘Hoppin’ at Carpenter Ranches

Carpenter Ranches replaced their older facilities designed for drying hops with SteelMaster buildings to produce higher quality products for the growing craft brewing industry.

Man Builds Dream Quonset Hut™ Distillery in Virginia

David Reavis doesn’t have to go far to find some of the best gin in town. Craft distilling has been disappearing nationwide, but thanks to one of the east coast’s newest businesses, the tide may be turning.