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Quonset Hut Pavilion Provides Shade From Texas Sun

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SteelMaster customer Danelle B. was looking for an outdoor pavilion to protect her from the heat from the sun at her property in central Texas. 

“We have a large property that’s open-air, very rural and we spend a lot of time out there,” Danelle said. “We thought that using something like the SteelMaster system would provide us that shade structure that we were wanting to use as a kind of collective area for multiple families to come together.”

This was not Danelle’s first experience with this type of structure, as her father had several Quonset huts on his business property. 

“Growing up, I always knew about them and was always really interested in how they are spatially and architecturally,” she said.

Danelle came across SteelMaster’s website while she was researching Quonset huts. 

“Searching for a Quonset hut leads anyone to a SteelMaster,” she said. “I think the images that [SteelMaster has] in terms of other people’s experiences and projects made it seem very viable.”

She ended up purchasing a 20’ by 20’ Q-Model from SteelMaster and says the team was very attentive throughout the process.

“For many reasons, it seemed like the most efficient and straightforward approach that we could take and it seemed like your company had some pretty solid recommendations,” Danelle said. “I thought the people I worked with were very helpful in explaining any questions or issues I might have.”

Contractor Whit Preston had the arches up in about two days. He says the third day was spent tightening all of the bolts. 

“I’ve never done a Quonset hut project before,” Whit said. “It’s certainly something I think the layman can do. It seems fairly straightforward. The instructions, with some YouTube videos, made it easier than I anticipated.”

Overall, Danelle says she’s happy with the finished shade pavilion, which has a kitchen area, a picnic table and strings of lights hung up on the inside. 

“We’re really enjoying the space!”

Her photos of the structure won second place in SteelMaster’s 2020 Photo Contest. Click here to see the first place winner and our video contest winners!