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Wisconsin Diner Uses SteelMaster Container Cover to Create Taproom

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The Delta Diner is bringing the flavors of Jamaica to Wisconsin with their new venue made from shipping containers, the Tin Tap House & Chicken Shack.

Delta Diner owners Todd and Nina Bucher added the venue, also known as the TapShack, to accommodate the increase in business in the non-winter months, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The TapShack offers Jamaican-inspired cuisine, offering grilled-to-order chicken with an in-house dry rub seasoning and sides like Jamaican rice and peas, fry bread and cooked greens.

The food is served along a special Caribbean-style lager and other craft brews from Earth Rider Brewery.

“We wanted to create another experience. Something that is a travel-worthy experience, but very different than what we do at the diner,” Todd Bucher told Fox21 News.

Tin Tap House & Chicken Shack
Tin Tap House & Chicken Shack (Photo: Delta Diner)

To create the taproom, Stocor Portable Storage cut doors and windows into two 40-foot shipping containers and added a SteelMaster container cover roofing system.

“The countertop, flooring, tin roof, and structural beams and chains that connect the containers are all repurposed materials,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

The arch-style roofing structure gives the venue a unique, industrial look and offers an open floor plan that allowed the owners to completely design the layout of their eatery/taproom.

In addition to providing shade for the TapShack during the spring, summer, and fall; the container cover can withstand the heavy Wisconsin snow loads in the winter months due to the strength of the commercial grade steel.

Local mural artist Greg Wimmer painted the sides of the containers with Jamaican-style artwork and the Earth Rider Brewery logo.

The shack, located off County Highway H in Wisconsin, is open seasonally from Memorial Day until about mid-October.

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