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Company Uses SteelMaster Container Cover for Workshop

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Container cover workshop
Kiewit Corporation’s 42′ x 60′ container cover workshop

Kiewit Corporation came to SteelMaster in 2016 when they needed a workshop at their site in Mabelvale, Arkansas.

The construction and engineering organization ended up purchasing a 42’ x 60’ SteelMaster container roof system to cover the space between two shipping containers.

One of the biggest advantages of SteelMaster’s shipping container covers is that they can be quickly and easily assembled to create protected working areas and storage spaces.

In addition to being budget-friendly and easy to erect, SteelMaster container covers are made from commercial grade steel, making them some of the strongest structures on earth.

Kiewit enclosed their structure with steel endwalls and installed 20’ x 20’ section doors to the front and back walls to complete the structure.

If you’re interested in a shipping container roof system, contact one of our project managers today!

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