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Farmer Uses Container Cover to Transform Old Silo

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large steel building with concrete walls and ground around it

Jim Countryman knows that wasted space is wasted opportunity, so he didn’t waste any time calling SteelMaster when he needed a shipping container roof to protect his farm equipment.

Countryman is a farmer in Moville, Iowa and about 25 years ago, he built an underground trench silo that he used to hold corn silage and feed cattle.

As the years went by and times changed, the need for the silo diminished and it ended up sitting empty. It became a hollow shell without a purpose, but Countryman quickly changed that.

Countryman wanted to make use of this extra space, so he decided to turn his silo into storage space for farming machinery including three tractors, a semi truck, a combine and two combine heads.


He says they previously put a canvas over the space, but that was not nearly sturdy enough to protect his investments.

Countryman wanted something that was going to be strong and durable, so he called SteelMaster and purchased a container cover.

Container covers are popular with farmers who depend on the quality of SteelMaster’s products to protect their biggest assets. They offer strength, style, and simplicity, thus giving farmers and other consumers endless application possibilities. They’re also cost effective because SteelMaster’s buildings require very little construction knowledge to build.

SteelMaster’s buildings do not need beams, trusses or supports. They make use of the wide open space, which is perfect for farming machines.

Countryman’s silo storage space now stands out from the others in the area, thanks to one simple addition – a SteelMaster shipping container roof.