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Man Builds Container Cover Structure for Additional Storage

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steel arch roof mounted on multicolor red and blue shipping container

Passersby at the end of a quiet road in Jacksonville, Florida are often caught by a unique sight. On Jeremy C.’s property sits two shipping containers covered by a steel arch.

“I get people asking me questions about the structure all the time,” said Jeremy.

After Jeremy and his wife moved out of a home with a two-car garage, he knew he would need plenty of storage space for his tools, equipment, and project vehicles. Being a jack of all trades with a background in welding and construction, his dream was to have the space to work on projects while being protected by the harsh Florida sun.

He had always been drawn to the idea of container storage but did not know what to do for a roof structure. He found SteelMaster after doing a quick search online.

After contacting SteelMaster, he said the process was seamless.

“It was so easy; I gave the building specialist the dimensions and received the blueprints quickly. She went above and beyond for us.”

Once the arches were delivered, Jeremy was able to build the structure from start to finish with the help of a few friends.

“I wouldn’t recommend assembling these without equipment. A scissor lift is a gamechanger.”

Now, he has plenty of storage space for his tools, equipment, and other belongings. Everything he wants protected by harsher weather elements is kept in the storage containers. Meanwhile, he keeps his project vehicles under the structure.

When asked what his favorite part of his structure is, Jeremy replied, “The durability. As far as longevity that thing will be there forever. Those containers are built to be out at sea in salt water and storms. Your roof is made to last. Concrete is there forever. The whole structure should be good to go.”