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Container Cover News, Projects & Applications To Explore

We invented the container cover roof in 2014 – so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about why they’re a perfect storage solution for anyone with shipping containers. When you add steel roofing to one or several shipping containers you can create a huge space with little effort, making it a popular and cost-effective solution for commercial and agriculture buildings. We have decades of experience and have helped deliver hundreds of container covers and have collected stories about some of our favorite projects to share. Read about some of our largest and most impressive container cover buildings and see if it might be a good fit for you.

Man Builds Container Cover Structure for Additional Storage

When asked what his favorite part of his structure is, Jeremy replied, “The durability. As far as longevity that thing will be there forever. Those containers are built to be out at sea in salt water and storms. Your roof is made to last. Concrete is there forever. The whole structure should be good to go.”

Container Cover Provides Functionality to Charleston Business

“It looks great and is functional. The way our business is growing we needed something fast. A traditional building would have taken too long to build and we’re bursting at the seams, so it was a great solution,” Greg said.

Container Cover in Alaska Offers an Affordable, Durable Solution

Joel M., owner of Denali Vacation Rentals in Alaska, turned his shipping containers into functional storage by using a container cover.

Hawaii FBO Upgrades Maintenance Shelter with Container Cover Building

After using a maintenance shelter made of weak materials for years, the folks at Air Service Hawaii decided to upgrade to a more durable and functional structure by using two shipping containers and a SteelMaster container cover roof kit. 

Wisconsin Diner Uses SteelMaster Container Cover to Create Taproom

The Delta Diner is bringing the flavors of Jamaica to Wisconsin with their new venue made from two shipping containers and a SteelMaster container cover roof.

Shipping Container Storage Tips: 5 Ways to Maximize Storage

Shipping containers can be great storage, but they're even better when you follow these 5 tips. Learn the best way to plan and pack your shipping container.

9 Questions to Ask Before Starting A Container Project

Container buildings are alluring for so many reasons, but if you don't know which questions to ask your dream project can turn into a nightmare.

Company Uses SteelMaster Container Cover for Workshop

Kiewit Corporation purchased a 42' x 60' SteelMaster shipping container cover to create a workshop that is budget-friendly and easy to erect.

Business Owner Builds Coffee Company Using Metal Shipping Container Cover

Mike M. doesn’t have to go far to get a delicious cup of Hawaiian dark roast in the morning. Just a few steps from his front door is the site of his own coffee production company, Pua'a Lani (Hog Heaven), which was created using a SteelMaster metal shipping container cover and two salvaged shipping containers.

Five Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Steel Structure

So you’ve been looking at photos for months, you have a clear vision in your mind and you’ve even sketched out your plans. You know exactly how you want your SteelMaster building to look, but where do you start?