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Prefab Houses – Quonset Arch Building Kits As Homes

Quonset hut houses are popular because they are cost effective to build and highly customizable. The arch-style design also means you’ll never need to worry about undesirable support walls messing up your design. Versatile in both their design and type of housing application, these steel structures have become a viable choice for people designing and building their dream home. Learn about some of the many people we’ve worked with to plan and deliver a Quonset hut house kit to their door. SteelMaster doesn’t provide any home electrical or plumbing products, but we do offer optional insulation, windows, vents and skylights.

Quonset Hut Airbnb’s Make Perfect Addition to Arizona Vineyard

SteelMaster customer Todd M. and his wife dreamed about owning their own vineyard and farm. They purchased land, where guests can stay in a S-Model Quonset hut cabin after wine tastings.

Man and Wife Build Solar-Powered Off-Grid Quonset Home

Located in Pomona, Missouri, Charles Black and his wife transformed their SteelMaster building into a solar-powered home where they can live without the fear of high winds in America’s Tornado Alley.

Couple’s Quonset “Dream Home” Goes Viral on TikTok

SteelMaster customers Luke and Kelly Rompel built their Quonset dream home. They documented their building process, and several of their videos went viral!

Ever Wanted to Stay in a Quonset? Now You Can!

Take a look at the Quonsets our customers have renovated into beautiful and unique Airbnb properties!

Woman Builds Luxurious Quonset Cabin in Honor of her Father

“It was a positive experience. In our experience with all the other companies, SteelMaster was the easiest and most professional.”

Lakeside Hunting Cabin in Alaska

Terry F. and his daughter, Shayla, built a Quonset hut cabin on his property in the Alaskan wilderness.

Charming Quonset Hut Home in North Carolina

Hope S. and her husband initially purchased a SteelMaster Quonset hut to use a barn, but later decided to turn it into their dream home!

Man Builds Dream Quonset Hut Home in Hawaii

Pete G. purchased a Quonset hut from SteelMaster and designed the home of his dreams on his five acres of land in Hawaii.

Attention-Grabbing Quonset Hut Lake House in the Midwest

Among all of the unique houses and architecture on a large recreational lake in the Midwest, you’ll find Tom and Kim W.’s SteelMaster Quonset hut lake home.

Remote Quonset Hut Cabin in the Alaskan Wilderness

SteelMaster customer Rod E.’s Quonset hut cabin is the perfect place to get some rest and relaxation in the Alaskan wilderness.