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Prefab Houses – Quonset Arch Building Kits As Homes

Quonset hut houses are popular because they are cost effective to build and highly customizable. The arch-style design also means you’ll never need to worry about undesirable support walls messing up your design. Versatile in both their design and type of housing application, these steel structures have become a viable choice for people designing and building their dream home. Learn about some of the many people we’ve worked with to plan and deliver a Quonset hut house kit to their door. SteelMaster doesn’t provide any home electrical or plumbing products, but we do offer optional insulation, windows, vents and skylights.

Couple Builds, Designs Custom Dream SteelMaster House

It’s been a long road for the Scheibelhuts. Over the last few years, they’ve endured financial hardships and had to move many miles away from home. Despite all of that, it did not stop their ultimate mission— to build their dream SteelMaster house.

Man Turns Old Shop into New SteelMaster Home

A man decided to turn his old shop into his new SteelMaster home in one southern town

Architect Uses Steel Arches to Create Portlandia House

An Oregon architect added a structural element onto his home that looks much like a metal eyebrow, and it's used on the hit show Portlandia.

Quonset Home – Safe, Easy and Affordable

The tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri led Arkansas man to research his options and ultimately, build a SteelMaster custom home.

Wind Won’t Blow This Steel Cabin Down

This high quality, custom cabin can withstand all types of weather, specifically wind, on the only barrier island, Grand Isle in Louisiana.

SteelMaster Collaborates with Design Horizons

SteelMaster Collaborates with Design Horizons to achieve huge design and implementation success.

Transform Your Simple Cabin into an Extraordinary Hunting Retreat

Discover how Leonard L. upgraded his 20’ x 30’ steel cabin in Vinita, Oklahoma, with features like a loft, insulation, ventilation, and more.

Steel Quonset Homes

We often get requests wondering if our steel buildings can be used as a home. Of course they can! Quonset huts have been used for homes since WWII.

A Steel Eco-Friendly Home in the Nevada Desert

“G Home" is an experiment to build a business selling lower-energy, unique-looking homes.