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Man Turns Old Shop into New SteelMaster Home

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steel quonset hut with brick custom endwall and porch

It’s safe to say Andy Wedgeworth probably has one of the most interesting houses in one Forest, Mississippi neighborhood.

This traditional, southern state is known for small towns that are rich in historic landscapes which include rolling farmlands and wooded hills. Wedgeworth went against the grain and decided to build his house out of something a little different—steel.

Wedgeworth didn’t have to start from scratch. He decided to convert his shop into his new home instead.

He wanted this home to be built with durable material. He knew steel was the best option.

Structural steel is easier to handle, stronger, and less expensive than any other common building materials. It’s strong enough to withstand earthquakes, strong hurricane force winds and dangerous tornadoes. It even resists fires.

Not only are SteelMaster’s buildings built tough, they are also environmentally friendly, which is a great way to save money.

Wedgeworth’s new, steel home stood out in his southern neighborhood, but he still added a traditional touch.

He incorporated rustic doors inside of the home. He covered the interior space with #2 knotty pine wood.

“It really wasn’t different than framing any other house,” says Wedgeworth. “I just needed to leave space between the interior and exterior walls.”

Wedgworth’s hard work on this home has not gone unnoticed.

He says he enjoys watching peoples’ reactions when they visit his home for the first time.

“Just from driving up out front, they say that they never imagined it would look like it does on the inside.”