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Man and Wife Build Solar-Powered Off-Grid Quonset Home

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A-Model off-grid cabin

Located in Pomona, Missouri, Charles Black and his wife transformed their SteelMaster building into a solar-powered home where they can live without the fear of high winds in America’s Tornado Alley.

When preparing to live completely off-the-grid, Charles came to SteelMaster looking for a building that could be done with minimal help and could provide “an immediate roof over [his] head”.

Charles stated that his biggest positives about SteelMaster’s buildings are their ease of construction, even mentioning that all it took to build his home was himself along with the help of his wife.  The pair managed to get their building up in just two weeks.

Charles B. standing in front of his unfinished building

“We had no tractor, all we had to help us was scaffolding,” said Charles.

To live in the structure year around, Charles installed batten insulation in between the building’s steel arches and a 2’ x 4’ stick frame to create a structure that was not just meant for cover, but for comfortable living.

To match his surrounding terrain, Charles utilized the rocks on his property along with railroad ties to fill in the end walls of his structure.

“I’ve never done anything like that before, I was never in construction.”

Charles had been familiar with Quonset-style buildings through his time in the Coast Guard.   Despite that, he found SteelMaster through an internet search looking for Quonset huts.

“If I had to do it all over again…I would do the same thing. I love it.”