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Quonset Home – Safe, Easy and Affordable

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custom quonset home

Michael Jones is not a man to make a rash decision based solely on fear. However, the tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri is what led him to research his options and ultimately, build a SteelMaster home.

He saw pictures of SteelMaster Buildings that survived the devastation that claimed 116 lives in what was aptly called the worst tornado outbreak in history. However, being the prudent, smart shopper and “jack of all trades” as he calls himself, he was not going to rely on pictures alone for his decision to buy a home.

He did his research. He did the comparisons. He realized SteelMaster’s Quonset HutTM style, steel prefabricated metal and arched building set them apart from the rest, and was just what he was looking for in a safe, easy, and remarkably affordable home.

Michael lives in Pargould, Arkansas with his daughter and two grandchildren. He feels responsible for their well-being and wanted them to have more than just a roof over their heads. He decided on the 33’x44’ Q-Style SteelMaster home since he needed to know he had taken every measure possible to ensure the comfort and safety of his loved ones.

SteelMaster obviously cannot predict the nature of tornadoes or indubitably guarantee all SteelMaster buildings will withstand a direct hit from an F5 tornado. But we can guarantee SteelMaster’s Galvalume Plus Coating. This SteelMaster signature coating not only provides our buildings with unparalleled strength and superior corrosion resistance, it also makes SteelMaster Buildings maintenance free for life.

“SteelMaster buildings are engineered for life,” says Michelle Wickum, SteelMaster’s Director of Marketing. “Our buildings are designed with consideration given to climatological factors in order to provide protection from hurricane-force winds, water, extreme heat, freezing temperatures and even fire.”

Being a “jack of all trades”, Michael and a couple of friends started construction in November of 2011. “We were able to erect the shell of the building in about two weeks, and it only took us two weeks due to rain,” said Michael.

A retired construction truck driver by trade, Michael contracted out the footings, plumbing and electrical. However, he designed and constructed the remainder of the interior himself. He has just finished hanging sheet rock, and has only tile work, painting and lighting left. He plans to move in the end of this month.

“It is funny how word gets around when you own a SteelMaster Building,” said Michael. “Everyone gets curious.”

“I recently received a call from a couple who were complete strangers. They said they got my phone number from a friend of a friend of a friend kind of thing. They asked if they could come by and look at my house. I said, of course. They were the nicest people, impressed with my work, and totally sold on the whole SteelMaster idea!” touted Michael.

“The people at SteelMaster’s office were real nice and very helpful too. My whole experience has been great. Everything has come together like it was supposed to, from beginning to end,” added Michael.

SteelMaster’s steel and metal pre-engineered buildings are designed for a broad range of residential and commercial applications. SteelMaster designs also include projects for homes, farm buildings, garages, workshops, storage, agricultural storage, Quonset HutsTM, airplane hangars, RV storage, roofing systems, carports, military buildings, industrial storage as well as a wide variety of custom building applications including athletic facilities, retail stores, churches, bus stops, smoke shacks, doggie dorms, and correctional facilities.

We thank you, Michael Jones, for becoming SteelMaster’s newest “Partner in Steel”. We are also glad you found peace in your decision to build a SteelMaster home.

The folks at our headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia want you to sleep a little better at night now. We hope you and your family are all snug and comfy once you get moved into your new beautiful and innovative home.