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Couple Builds, Designs Custom Dream SteelMaster House

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custom steel quonset home with yellow awning and matching steel garage

It’s been a long road for the Scheibelhuts. Over the last few years, they’ve endured financial hardships and had to move many miles away from home to restart their lives. Despite all of that, it did not stop their ultimate mission — to build their dream SteelMaster house.

“We are very proud to own a SteelMaster,” says Terry Scheibelhut, who is studying naturopathic medicine and massage therapy. “It has been an amazing experience living in a SteelMaster home.”

The couple first learned about SteelMaster several years ago when they were reading Mother Earth News. They saw another SteelMaster structure and were very impressed.

“We were drooling over it the entire time,” says Tom Scheibelhut.

Tom says he got in touch with SteelMaster and his sales professional worked out an amazing deal he just could not refuse!

Terry and Tom have owned their steel house for over six years now. They originally purchased it when they lived in Michigan. They knew our products were ideal for cold climates and could handle the heaviest snow loads.

When their building was initially delivered, they were both dealt a devastating blow. They lost their jobs and had to pick up their entire lives and relocate down south to Summerville, Georgia.

Despite their hardship, they never gave up on their dream SteelMaster house. Once they moved and got back on their feet, they were able to finally start building the house they’ve been planning for years. They put the finishing touches on their home just over the last few weeks.

Tom, a professional electrician who worked in the construction industry for decades, says when they were able to save enough money for the concrete foundation for the building, it only took a few people and just a few weeks to put up their S-Model SteelMaster home.

He and Terry lived in the structure while they worked on designing the interior of the home.

This home is packed full of character and love. This custom SteelMaster has beautiful, dimmable ceiling lights made from stained glass that was once a part of an old church, all of the wiring is metal conduit, the walls are covered in slab red hickory wood that is ½ inch thick and 12-14 inches wide, and it’s full of natural, earthy tones.

Terry completed the interior cement floor using an eco-friendly, food grade tricopolymer sealer and she placed original decorations all over the house.

The Scheibelhuts knew SteelMaster was ideal for handling heavy snow loads up north, but they also benefited from their new home’s strength during natural disasters that occur in warmer climates.

“Wind. It just rolls right over it,” says Tom. “We don’t have to worry about it during a storm.”

The couple lives at the end of a ridge and a dangerous tornado once blew through the area packing 70-80 mph winds.

“The building never even shook,” says Tom who felt pretty secure in his SteelMaster.

Now that their dream home is just about complete, the Scheibelhuts have big plans for their retirement.

“We’re just going to hang out, enjoy life, and make music,” commented Tom.

Both Tom and Terry are also musicians. Tom plays guitar and Terry plays the violin.

Tom was already extremely pleased with his SteelMaster purchase, but then he stumbled upon an unexpected feature—the acoustics of the building.

“I just put a little speaker in the corner and the acoustics were awesome,” commented Tom.

Not only are the Scheibelhuts hard workers and musicians, they are also trendsetters.

After they started to build their SteelMaster home, it didn’t take long for the neighbors to notice. They saw the arches on the ground and had no idea what the Scheibelhuts were building.

“They asked if we were building a swimming pool,” says Tom. “We said ‘No. It’s a Quonset HutTM.’”

He says one of his neighbors also built his own Quonset HutTM right after they started to build their SteelMaster. “We started a trend,” says Tom.

He says this is the perfect home for their retirement, and not only was it easy to put up, it is easy to keep.

“Once you put it up, you don’t have any maintenance. You don’t have to worry about shingles on the roof or the wind blowing it. Everything is screwed together and it can be dismantled and moved,” commented Tom.

Tom and Terry don’t have any plans to move again anytime soon.

Now they can finally rest, make music, and continue to enjoy their SteelMaster dream home.