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SteelMaster Hunting Cabin Provides Secure, Relaxing Escape

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S-Model cabin
About seven miles outside his home in Vinita, Oklahoma, Leonard Logan has built his pride and joy. That pride and joy just so happens to be a 20’ x 30’ steel hunting cabin from yours truly.

Leonard’s building is situated exactly where it needs to be for him to use it as a hunting cabin. Hunting is a long-standing tradition in his family, and he is an avid and responsible hunter. For Leonard, hunting is about communing with nature, being alone with one’s thoughts and taking in the sights, smells and stillness of the forest.

Even though it’s only seven miles from his home, Leonard’s SteelMaster hunting cabin is the perfect respite to gather with family and friends after a day of hunting deer, duck or whatever the season allows.

Leonard says asked around before purchasing his SteelMaster. His “wants” were not that extravagant. He simply wanted a building that would be low-maintenance, secure and long-lasting and knew a steel building was the route to go.

As many SteelMaster customers do, Leonard began his search by Googling “steel buildings”.

Before long, he found himself on the SteelMaster website. His search stopped right then and there. Leonard says he truly enjoyed looking at the photos on the site and reading the testimonials from satisfied customers. These and other factors led to his decision to buy a SteelMaster.

“SteelMaster was a relatively inexpensive way to obtain a sharp-looking building that would stand the test of time,” he says.

He added that the staff at SteelMaster is top of the line too.

“I’m definitely a SteelMaster fan,” Leonard says. “Everyone I talked to at the Virginia Beach home office all the way down to their delivery driver was very helpful and able to provide whatever information I needed, when I needed it.”

Leonard’s SteelMaster hunting cabin has added features such as blown-in insulation, windows and porches. It also makes extensive use of wood batten, which is comprised of thin strips of wood and utilized in the construction industry for its structural and aesthetic purposes. The wood batten adds a rustic, cabin-esque feel to the man cave.

In addition, the functional clear span space inside Leonard’s SteelMaster gave him the ability to build a second floor loft area for sleeping.

Leonard also won’t have to worry about four-legged critters weaseling their way into his SteelMaster when he is off-site. His cabin’s use of steel materials and its over-lapping metal arch design makes it virtually impermeable to pests and critters.

SteelMaster buildings are well-known for their safety and security too. Knowing that they are secure enough for the United States government and military gives Leonard all the peace of mind he needs when he is away from his cabin.

SteelMaster is proud to add Leonard Logan to its list of over 50,000 satisfied customers, with buildings on six continents and in every state in the United States.

–Tammy Kistler
Tammy is a freelance writer and resides in Hampton Roads, Virginia.