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Prefab Houses – Quonset Arch Building Kits As Homes

Quonset hut houses are popular because they are cost effective to build and highly customizable. The arch-style design also means you’ll never need to worry about undesirable support walls messing up your design. Versatile in both their design and type of housing application, these steel structures have become a viable choice for people designing and building their dream home. Learn about some of the many people we’ve worked with to plan and deliver a Quonset hut house kit to their door. SteelMaster doesn’t provide any home electrical or plumbing products, but we do offer optional insulation, windows, vents and skylights.

Arizona Engineer Builds Dream Airplane Quonset Home

No. That’s not a massive Boeing jammed inside of a too tiny metal quonset hut hangar; it’s actually a collection of different planes that have now become the most spectacular quonset hut airplane home in one Arizona town.

Arkansas Boat Captain Builds Ultimate Steel Quonset Bachelor Pad

After a hard day’s work towing massive cargo barges in and out of New Orleans, Arkansas Boat Captain Billy Smith gets the chance to put his feet up and relax in his custom steel quonset bachelor pad.

Building a Tiny House Quonset Hut in the Snow

Despite the difficulty, New York artist Jean Marc Sovak and his tiny house team are up for the challenge as they work to complete their tiny house quonset hut.

Insulating a Tiny Steel Quonset Hut

One New York family has completed the next step on their journey-installing the insulation inside of the tiny steel quonset hut on wheels.

Alaskan Woman Builds Her Perfect Cozy Metal Quonset Hut™ Home

Brutally cold temperatures, high winds, heavy snow, and frozen ground are all things that residents in Alaska have to consider before constructing any quonset hut.

Illinois Man Builds His Perfect Off-Grid Steel Home

Roy Carrillo has been pretty busy these days building the home he has always wanted—his perfect off-grid steel home.

Texas Couple Builds Exquisite Metal Q-Hut Home

One picture. That’s all it took to convince Linda Joy Mulkey that a metal q-hut would make the perfect home for her family.

NY Artist Builds Tiny House Quonset Hut on Wheels

As an artist, Jean-Marc Superville Sovak is accustomed to creating beautiful works of art, but there is one project in particular he describes as the best art he has ever done—a tiny house q-hut.

Retired Aviator Designs Steel Airplane Hangar Garage

You won’t see any airplanes rolling through the large sliding doors of this airplane hangar garage, but it's certainly the talk of one Tennessee town.

Steel Quonset Hut Used For 4-D Theater in World War II Exhibit

At the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum you don’t just learn about history, you become a part of it! Just visit the World War II exhibit, step into their spectacular 4-D theater built inside a steel Quonset Hut and feel what it’s like to be on a real B-17 bomber.