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Texas Couple Builds Exquisite Metal Q-Hut Home

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One picture. That’s all it took to convince Linda Joy Mulkey that a metal Quonset HutTM would make the perfect home for her family.

“I liked the idea of having something different. We live in a normal neighborhood, but I did not want something normal,” says Linda.

Linda and her husband Dennis purchased land in Bandera, Texas near a lake. They initially wanted to build a barn style home but started to take an interest in metal Quonset Hut style buildings. Linda did a quick search online and stumbled across SteelMaster’s website. That’s when she saw a picture of another home and fell in love with the metal Quonset Hut style.

She promptly called SteelMaster to get her dream home started.

Although she knew she wanted to live inside of a Quonset Hut home, Linda and Dennis did not have a solid plan on how they wanted this steel Quonset Hut home to look.

“We did not have a plan. We just went by the seat of our pants,” says Linda.

The couple lived in a mobile home next to the Quonset Hut house for three years until they were able to move in. Linda is an auditor who spends much of her time traveling and while she was away, she says Dennis was at home working on new ways to customize their dream home.

“I never ever dreamed we would build our own home,” commented Linda.

Neither Linda nor Dennis had ever taken on a project such as this one, but she says they were both confident that together they could get it done.

“He figured out a way to do things on his own,” says Linda.

She says Dennis created his own tools and even came up with a unique system to help raise the arches. They hired crews to help them with the concrete slab and spray foam insulation, but Linda says Dennis did about 90% of the work on his own.

It took them 30 days to get the arches up and four years to slowly customize every inch of the home to their specifications. Linda says when they first started to build the steel Quonset Hut home, the neighbors were not convinced. They initially thought the building looked like an airplane hangar. As time passed and neighbors started to see more of the home come together, it started to pique their interest. Some even asked to see the inside of the home.

“They don’t ever expect it to look the way it does, “ chuckled Linda.

She says she especially loves the big open space of her steel Quonset Hut home, and she made sure to keep the “arch look” in every room of Mulkey Manor.

“I wanted to show as much of the arch as I could throughout the home,” she says.

Linda was already sold on the aesthetics of the arch style building, but she realized there were other benefits that came with owning a SteelMaster Quonset HutTM style building.

“It was so much fun putting it together,” says Linda. “I am thankful for my husband who did most of the work.”

Linda also found out that just owning a Quonset Hut home would earn her a discount with her insurance company. SteelMaster’s buildings are extremely durable and are built to withstand heavy snow, wind and hail. That is certainly a plus for insurance companies.

The possibilities are endless with SteelMaster’s Quonset HutTM buildings. We have buildings that can fit any customer’s needs. From small sheds, tiny homes, and garages to large homes, commercial buildings and even Quonset Hut villages, SteelMaster can do it all.

“SteelMaster gives you the shell and you can build what you want with it,” says Linda.