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Retired Aviator Designs Steel Airplane Hangar Garage

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S model steel building with sliding steel doors

You won’t see any massive airplanes rolling through the large sliding doors of this airplane hangar garage. But once inside, you will find a few tiny model airplanes, an old Ford truck, four wheelers and a woodshop in the back. This steel hangar style garage is the talk of one Tennessee town.

“At first they were thumbing their noses at it. They thought I was crazy when I wanted to build a hangar,” says Lindy Williams, a SteelMaster customer.

Williams says his friends were not completely convinced that building a personal airplane hangar on his property was a good idea; however, that never stopped him from constructing his dream hangar garage.

The garage he actually nicknamed “The Hangar” is a representation of what he dedicated two decades of his life doing—flying. He was a pilot in the United States Air Force for over 20 years. Although he is retired, his love of aviation has not faded one bit.

“I needed a garage, so why not have a hangar?” asked Williams.

He started his project with a simple Internet search, and just a few keystrokes led him to SteelMaster Building’s website where he was introduced to an array of designs. One of his neighbors already owned a steel building, which is what initially sparked his interest in Quonset HutTM style buildings.

Although the idea of building a mini airplane hangar on the property seemed like an unconventional idea to everyone else, his wife actually loved it.

“She is the one who picked the design of the building. She is an architect so she really appreciates the aesthetics of the building,” explained Williams.

Once he spoke with Travis Ashley, one of SteelMaster’s national sales representatives, and received his wife’s support, Williams was ready to start the building process with assistance from a few little helpers.

After Williams retired, he became an educator at a local high school. He told his students he was building an airplane hangar garage on his property, and they were more than excited to help. Working together, they were able to get the arches constructed in fewer than two days.

“They really wanted to know what kind of airplane I was planning to put inside of it,” said Williams jokingly.

Williams was very happy with the results once the first phase of construction was completed. It took him a few more weeks to get the doors, end walls, and interior done. He says not only does this design give him the look he wanted, it also provides the space he needs.

“The design gains you so much more room inside. I have a lot more room for installing more shelves,” says Williams.

He has certainly turned this building into a multi-purpose structure. It’s a shop where he can work on an antique truck he owns, a small woodshop, storage space, and the place where he protects his four wheelers.

“It’s not just a building that’s out there, it’s something unique,” says Williams.

He was also impressed with the customer service he received while he was in the process of perfecting his steel masterpiece.

He says Travis was very professional and helpful and educated him about the building he was purchasing.

“He took really good care of me,” says Williams. “He suggested things to me I did not know about. It was very helpful.”

Now that this aviation aficionado finally has his dream steel hangar garage up and ready to go, he can soar to new heights and explore new exciting adventures.