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Building a Tiny House Quonset Hut in the Snow

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small s model steel home on trailer for tiny house

Building a tiny house is already quite a daunting task, but working in single-digit, frigid temperatures can make this job even harder. Despite the difficulty, New York artist Jean Marc Sovak and his tiny house team are up for the challenge as they work to complete their tiny house Quonset HutTM.

We first introduced you to Jean Marc and his team a few months ago. He is working together with his wife and daughter to complete their tiny house of steel.

They’ve been working on the tiny house for over a year now and are getting closer and closer to completion. They invited SteelMaster to follow them on their journey.

This has always been Jean Marc’s dream. He knew what he wanted to do right from the beginning. He did not want a traditional style home. He wanted a house that he and his family could build together and it had to be something unique. Jean Marc was not impressed with the traditional style building. A SteelMaster tiny house Quonset HutTM was the perfect choice for his needs.

“When I first saw a SteelMaster building, I was in love! Why? They’re steel, pre-fabricated, highly engineered and just look so friggin cool.”

Over the last few months, he has installed insulation in the home and he has put up one of the endwalls. He had to decide how to design the front endwall of the home. He was initially torn between cedar and steel walls. After some research and consideration, he has now decided to go with the cedar walls.

This holiday season, Jean Marc bundled up and got out there in the bitter cold to continue to work on his tiny house of steel. He wrapped the entrance wall of his home with Tiger Paw, a breathable roofing wrap. He believes this wrap will be durable while they are on the road with the tiny house Quonset HutTM.

While the snow is on the ground and the temperatures are low, he is working to sketch out how he plans to install the cedar endwalls. Jean Marc says he will install them vertically, which will be easier for him to do against the steel arches.

Right now he is in the planning stage. He will not start to install the endwalls until milder temperatures return.

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