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Alaskan Woman Builds Her Perfect Cozy Metal Quonset Hut™ Home

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Brutally cold temperatures, high winds, heavy snow, and frozen ground are all things that residents in Alaska have to consider before constructing any Quonset HutTM. Thankfully, SteelMaster’s experienced building experts have helped countless customers overcome several obstacles while erecting their metal Quonset Hut buildings.

Homeowner and Alaska resident Anita Tomsha was one of those customers who came to SteelMaster for help when she was ready to build her metal Quonset Hut home.

“I wanted a dome-type structure and something I could do easily myself,” says Tomsha.

She said in Alaska’s Interior where she lives, there is no shortage of Quonset Hut style buildings. There are many structures still standing from WWII. Several local businesses and a few of her neighbors own Quonset Hut, which is how she became interested in building one of her own. That’s when she called SteelMaster’s National Sales Manager, Noah Taylor, whose expertise in this area has helped other homeowners and businesses in the state.

“Every time I walked into my friend’s Quonset Hut home, I just wanted to take a nap,” says Tomsha.

Not only did she feel extremely comfortable under the steel arches of her neighbor’s Quonset Hut, she also knew all about the strength of the arch style buildings.

She says her area is earthquake prone and she knew a SteelMaster building would be strong enough to handle the shaky conditions. Not only does she have to deal with earthquakes, but the frozen ground also presented another unique problem.

Before constructing any building, it must be placed on solid ground. This can pose a real challenge for Alaskan residents who have to deal with permafrost.

Tomsha says after witnessing other homeowners’ expensive mistakes, she took extra precautions before she even put up the first arch of her SteelMaster home.

She elevated her building by putting it on a 3-foot platform to prevent the structure from sinking during warmer months.

After the foundation was set, she says it only took three weeks and a few friends to put it all together.

Although there was a learning curve for her, she says it was not difficult at all for her to build. The Quonset Hut building provided the strength she needed, it was affordable and she also wanted something that was easy to maintain.

“My main goal was to have low maintenance,” says Tomsha.

Now she is focused on completing the interior of her home. She split the metal Quonset Hut home into two bedrooms, a bathroom, closet, and an open living room and kitchen.

She’s working on putting a wood stove inside of the Quonset Hut home to make it a nice warm, cozy living space.