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Arkansas Boat Captain Builds Ultimate Steel Quonset Bachelor Pad

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motorcycle inside custom man cave

After a hard day’s work towing massive cargo barges in and out of New Orleans, Arkansas Boat Captain Billy Smith gets the chance to put his feet up and relax in his custom steel Quonset HutTM bachelor pad.

After dreaming of owning a steel Quonset Hut for many years, Billy called SteeMaster and purchased a 30’w x 16’h building that he turned into his special, cozy man cave.

Billy needed something that was eye-catching, easy to build, and maintenance free. This steel Quonset Hut bachelor pad certainly delivered. Billy says he enjoys working on the interior of his man cave when he has free time. The size of the building and clear span design gives him the space and opportunity to design and add however he chooses.

Billy installed stainless steel appliances to complement the steel arches of his building. Of course, no bachelor pad is complete without a fully stacked bar! He added dimly lit designer lighting to spice up the look of the step-up bar, which really makes those prefabricated arches pop.

Instead of putting additional insulation inside of the building, Billy decided to leave the arches exposed to let their steel beauty shine throughout the interior of the building.

SteelMaster’s structures actually do not require insulation. Billy kept his home warm in the winter by putting in a wood stove, and in the summer he used a window air conditioning unit and turbine vent.

Billy had the option to install central air, but he wanted to save even more money by eliminating the cost of a technician.

“If it stops working, I do not have to call a technician. I can just kick it out of my window and buy another one!” he says.

When Billy decided to purchase his steel Quonset Hut bachelor pad, not only did he get a building that he can customize to his specifications, he also acquired a building that will last a lifetime.

SteelMaster’s Quonset HutsTM are engineered to withstand strong winds, heavy snow loads, and can survive even toughest storms.

Our structures are also backed by a 50-year warranty from our factory.

So while Captain Bill is working hard out at sea, he has peace of mind knowing that his special steel Quonset Hut bachelor pad will be there when he returns.

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