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SteelMaster’s Got You Covered: Do I need insulation?

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building with all white interior and batt insulation on roof with overhead lights
SteelMaster steel buildings generally do not require insulation. Although the need for insulation varies depending upon geographical and climatological factors, many SteelMaster customers are pleasantly surprised to find the temperature inside their building is comfortable year-round without insulation. However, you may want to consider insulating your building if your building use is one of the following:

Housing – Quonset HutTM homes, primary housing, vacation homes, hunting lodges, eco-friendly residences, or man caves

Athletic Facilities – indoor swimming pools, batting domes, or pole vaulting facilities

Long-Term Storage – valuable document storage, furniture storage, classic vehicle showrooms, art museums, antique storage, or bulk storage

Laboratory Buildings – medical facilities and cleanrooms

Relief Structures – disaster relief structures, temporary housing, and temporary schools

We also recommend considering factors such as the duration of building use and the desired temperature you want to achieve prior to purchasing insulation.

Now, SteelMaster owner Bill Smith refuses to insulate his 30’ x 16’ SteelMaster home because he likes the ultra-chic industrial appearance of the building’s steel walls. He has managed to keep his home cozy and warm in the winter with only a wood stove and a ceiling fan to circulate the air. Keeping his home cool in warmer months has not been an issue either; he uses one window air-conditioning unit and a turbine vent. You can read more about Bill’s home here.

The decision of whether to insulate your SteelMaster building is ultimately your choice. Keep in mind that unless drywall is a part of initial interior construction plans, insulation can always be added at a later time with minimal effort. The corrugated frame of a SteelMaster lends itself to framing most types of insulation, whether blown-in, foam or rolled insulation.

We highly recommend the U.S. Department of Energy’s website, which has a chart consisting of insulation types, with materials, ratings and safety information.

As always, our team of dedicated representatives is available to answer any questions regarding your insulation needs by calling 800-341-7007. Because after all, who’s got you covered? SteelMaster does!