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How to: Metal Storage Building Kit Construction

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Don’t have a background in construction? That’s okay! SteelMaster’s prefabricated storage building kits are simple to construct.

A prefab storage building is generally less expensive to build than a custom engineered structure. Our metal storage building kits are the ultimate do-it-yourself project that will help you save money on high construction costs.

The components included with your SteelMaster building are made to exacting standards of accuracy for easy assembly with predrilled holes and bolts as the only required fasteners for construction. In other words, a lot of work of measuring and drilling is already done for you!

Once your metal storage building has been delivered, it’s time to put it together! Here’s how to put together the arches of a SteelMaster storage building.

Step one: Assemble arches

Lay the panels out on the ground to form the arches.

Use drift pins when aligning the panels for assembly. Typically, you can find and purchase drift pins at a hardware store.

It’s very important to hand tighten the bolts only.

Step two: Raise the arches

Once your arches are loosely bolted together, it’s time to raise the arches of your prefab storage building.

SteelMaster’s metal storage building kits are do-it-yourself. The number of people required to raise the arches depends on the size of the building, and the experience and capability of the crew.

Use an “S” hook to fasten to a rope, then insert it into the holes of the arch panels to help pull the arches upright. The larger and heavier the arch is, the more ropes with S hooks will be needed.

You’ll also need people at each foot of the arch to help raise the arches and guide them into the foundation.

The crew shown in this video was lifting and bolting one arch every 15 minutes.

Step three: Tighten the bolts

Once the arches have been erected and the building dimensions are confirmed to be correct, tighten the bolts on the sides and roof of the building.

And there you have it…that’s the assembly of the arches of a SteelMaster building!