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SteelMaster Customer Purchases Second Quonset Hut – 20 Years Later

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Wayne S. liked his first SteelMaster building so much, he purchased a second Quonset hut 20 years later!

“I bought a 20’ X 30’ [building] from you guys 20 years ago,” Wayne said. “I think I got it from an advertisement in a magazine of some sort. It’s been incredible, no problems at all.”

However, Wayne was familiar with the Quonset hut prior to seeing the SteelMaster magazine ad.

“I grew up on a farm in southwest Kansas and there are a lot of Quonset huts because of tornadoes. I also spent two and a half years in the Navy in the Seabees and I knew all about Quonset huts because the construction battalions built Quonset huts all over the world.”

Wayne lives at the top of the Galveston Bay in Texas, so purchasing a hurricane resistant was a worthwhile investment.

“I spent a couple of hurricanes inside the 20’ X 30’ and felt very comfortable. We had a tornado go in about 1,000 yards of us and it absolutely ripped the neighborhood up. We could hear it but it didn’t effect that building at all, it sat there solid as a rock.”

Wayne’s first Quonset hut is used for carpenter work and welding to keep his new shop neat and tidy. The second hut sits right next to the first and is used as an auto shop.

“I have two old cars, a 51 GMC truck and a ‘55 Chevy car. So I tinker with them,” Wayne said. “I do really like the building, it’s incredible. I’ve had it about a year now.”

The second 30’ X 50’ building is insulated with spray foam and has a 10’ by 30’ loft with a bathroom underneath it.

Wayne describes his experiences with SteelMaster throughout the two decades as “exceptional.”

“I had support on the first one I built and the second time I called [Division Director] Noah [Taylor] a couple of times with a couple of questions and he talked us through it with doing the endwalls and how they went,” Wayne said. “He did an incredible job when I bought it. I’m very pleased with my buildings.”