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Prefab Houses – Quonset Arch Building Kits As Homes

Quonset hut houses are popular because they are cost effective to build and highly customizable. The arch-style design also means you’ll never need to worry about undesirable support walls messing up your design. Versatile in both their design and type of housing application, these steel structures have become a viable choice for people designing and building their dream home. Learn about some of the many people we’ve worked with to plan and deliver a Quonset hut house kit to their door. SteelMaster doesn’t provide any home electrical or plumbing products, but we do offer optional insulation, windows, vents and skylights.

California Wildfire Victims Replace Ruined Homes With Quonsets

Vern Sneed of Design Horizons has collaborated with SteelMaster over the years to create “Q Cabin Kits,” economical, non-combustible Quonset hut homes that are designed to survive a wildfire better than any stick built home.

Eco-Friendly Steel Home Helps New York Couple Save Money

A New York couple chose a SteelMaster Quonset hut to build their cost effective, eco-friendly dream home.

California Man Designs Custom Tiny Quonset Huts in the Mountains

Pioneertown, California is known for being a live-in Old West movie set, but SteelMaster customer Mark P.'s  Quonset huts are the real stars of the town.

Texas Couple Loves Their SteelMaster Quonset Hut Home & Barn

A Texas couple chose their SteelMaster Quonset Hut home due to the quality of the steel and stylish appearance of the metal arches.

Get Inspired by the Unconventional Design of a Quonset Hut Home

This stunning SteelMaster Quonset Hut home that recently sold in Tennessee will give you design inspiration for your next big project.

How an Energy Efficient Quonset Hut Home Can Save You Money

SteelMaster's custom panels are covered in a special coating called Galvalume Plus, which helps protect the steel and makes it more energy efficient.

Experience the Beauty of Quonset Hut Living at this Detroit Airbnb

If you've ever wondered what it's like to stay in a Quonset Hut, you can get the experience--if only for a few nights--at a Detroit Airbnb.

This DIY Prefab Barn Has Amazing Curves You Will Really Love

Greg S. wanted a building that was both beautiful and functional, and he found exactly what he was looking for in his DIY prefab barn from SteelMaster Buildings.

Award-Winning Architect Wants To Build You A Quonset Hut Home

Have you been dreaming about building your own steel Quonset Hut™ home, but you’re confused about where to start? Award-winning architect and Quonset Hut™ aficionado Earl Parson is offering a helping hand to anyone who has flirted with the idea.

Architect Creates Spectacular Multi-Million Dollar Quonset Home in East Hampton

Bob Stansel and Tammy Marek worked with world-renowned architect Maziar Behrooz to create their multi-million dollar Quonset Hut home in East Hampton New York.