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Texas Couple Loves Their SteelMaster Quonset Hut Home & Barn

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Eric & Carolyn’s SteelMaster home

When SteelMaster customer Eric Skonberg’s friends walk through the doors of his Quonset Hut home, they say it looks like it should be in a magazine.

“When we have friends come out, we haven’t had anybody come out that wasn’t genuinely impressed with the style and quality of the construction,” Eric said.

The Skonbergs’ Quonset Hut journey began in 2015, when Eric and his wife, Carolyn, purchased 40 acres of raw land in central Texas.

The couple got the idea to design a Quonset-style home and barn after Carolyn worked at a Houston event center that was housed in a Quonset Hut.

Carolyn and Eric started looking for Quonset Hut home and barn inspiration on Pinterest and eventually stumbled upon SteelMaster Buildings.

Red SteelMaster Metal Quonset Hut home with car in front
Eric & Carolyn’s SteelMaster Quonset Hut home

He then hired Barney Reynolds with Round Top Home Builders to help him build his dream home and barn. After doing additional research, Barney and Eric both agreed that they wanted to purchase SteelMaster buildings due to the quality of our products.

“You have a heavier gauge of steel buildings, and that was attractive to me. It wasn’t so much competing on price as it was competing on quality,” Eric said.

It took a contractor approximately 10 days to erect the arches of Eric’s home and barn. The endwalls of the buildings were completed with local crews.  Nine months later, their 30’ X 50’ home was complete.

Eric & Carolyn’s Quonset Hut barn

Eric gives a lot of praise to Barney and Round Top Home Builders for helping him create his perfect home and barn.

“[Barney] had never done anything like this before. So he had to educate himself a lot,” Eric said. “But I give him credit for doing all of the right things, for getting the right people involved.”

Not only is the home picture perfect, but Eric says it’s very energy efficient.

“I had a friend that was living out here in an RV during construction. My electricity bills are lower than his RV for a 2,500 square foot home,” he said.  “It’s 45 degrees today and I have a little propane stove and I have to turn it off every couple of hours.”

Eric says the couple’s Quonset Hut journey is far from over! They’re now installing a 750-square-foot apartment in their 40’ X 60’ barn, which won first place in the SteelMaster Photo Contest!

Plus, they ordered two SteelMaster carports to maintain the “metal arch look” on their property.

We can’t wait to see the finished products!