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Award-Winning Chef Rodney Scott Makes BBQ in Quonset Hut Pit House

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In episode three of the Netflix series Chef’s Table BBQ, Rodney Scott chronicles his journey to becoming an award-winning barbecue chef.

Scott started cooking barbecue at his family’s restaurant at the age of 11 and now owns the Charleston, South Carolina restaurant Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog BBQ.

As his restaurant name implies, he uses the whole hog barbecue method, which he describes in Chef’s Table BBQ:

“We cook the whole hog directly over coals. We’d take the hog and put it meat side down and only fire the hams and the shoulders. The rest of it would just slowly cook along with it. The fat drips into the coals, the flavor just goes right back up into the hog so you have a smokey, fatty flavor.”

Scott purchased a Quonset hut after his pit house burned down in November 2013.

A major benefit of using a Quonset hut for Scott’s pit house is its unmatched protection from fire-related disasters, as steel is classified as a non-combustible building material.

After the fire, Scott started to make pop-up appearances to raise money following the fire and completed an 18 day tour called “Rodney Scott in Exile.”

“The tour was a success, we raised $80,000. We applied it towards rebuilding this new pit house with a total of about 20 pits.”

The building has a custom front endwall that matches the color scheme of his restaurant and skylights to allow natural light inside.

The 30’ X 60’ S-Model SteelMaster pit house was delivered to Scott’s property in 2015, where he has been cooking his critically acclaimed barbecue ever since.

Despite the challenges Scott has faced throughout his career, he’s never stopped thinking positively.

“My glass is gonna be half full at all times. I’m gonna make the best of every situation. I’m gonna make sure that every day is a good day.”

Interested in trying the BBQ for yourself? You can visit Scott’s Charleston restaurant Monday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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