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Unique Steel Auto Shop in Puerto Rico

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Carlos B. came to SteelMaster when he needed a workshop for his automotive repair business, C.O.B. Mufflers.

He discovered SteelMaster’s website after searching the word ‘hangares,’ which loosely translates to an arch style structure.

As a resident of Puerto Rico, Carlos was drawn to our structures because of their durability against strong wind loads.

He felt safe knowing that SteelMaster’s buildings are High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) certified. Carlos also liked the fact that our buildings are coated with Galvalume Plus, which provides corrosion protection. Galvalume Plus also provides excellent resistance to storage and transit staining and also resists fingerprinting during handling and the assembly process.

In addition to the quality of our product, Carlos was also drawn to SteelMaster because of our customer service. He says out of all of the companies he contacted, SteelMaster was the most responsive.

Latin Sales Support Representative Claudia Tanner-Villa worked with Carlos to have his building delivered to his property in Cidra, Puerto Rico in January 2021. He was able to assemble the building with the help of a few friends and family members.

Carlos wanted to be sure his building would stand out to customers, so he hired local company Murales PR to draw an outline of a mural on the building’s doors. Carlos then filled in the outline of the mural, which shows his company’s logo and the Puerto Rico flag. He also painted a bright pink, green and purple trim at the base of the building.

Carlos says he’s 100 percent satisfied with his building and recommends SteelMaster to those who are interested in buying a steel workshop.