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Quonset Hut Garage: Functional Storage Meets Unique Design

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About a quarter mile off the road, through a tunnel of trees sits a SteelMaster customer’s dream home and Quonset hut garage.

Delaware resident Joseph B. came to SteelMaster looking for a structure to be used for storage.

Having resided in Washington State for 77 years, he was accustomed to having space for his vehicle and truck. However, upon moving to Delaware, he needed a safe place to store his dream car—a 344 classic convertible.

Initially, he considered using a pole building for his garage, but based on his knowledge of real estate and design, he decided that a Quonset hut would be his best bet.

Joseph said, “I have a real sense for real estate, and I do things based on my own judgments, and feelings and observations. And I thought, ‘I’m going to take the risk. I’m going to build a Quonset hut.’”

He purchased a 30’W X 14’H X 42’L A-Model and assembled it with the help from a local painting and remodeling company, The Paint Doctor.

When asked if he had any difficulties assembling the structure, Joseph replied, “It is easy if you work with an erector set or if you play with Legos. My twelve-year-old grandson could build this building.”

Joseph states that he did not want the Quonset hut to just look like a barn. Instead, he used vinyl board and batten siding, which matches the siding on his shed to give it a more modern look.

He continues, “We sacrificed maybe 27 inches on the endwall, but we gave it that recessed look on the front. On the back, the only people that can see [the endwall] are the foxes, deer, and farmers so it goes clear out to the edge.”

He says, “When you drive in here, the [home and Quonset hut] look nice.”

Overall, Joseph says he had a great experience with SteelMaster.

“[My experience was] excellent – and I am a hypercritical person. I evaluate things as we go along. I do not really recall any negatives from anybody that I had contact with at SteelMaster.”

He continued, “I sensed that SteelMaster would be a good place to check out. And Mr. Noah Taylor is easy to describe as being a phenomenal guy. He has an attitude that’s just really good – customer oriented.”

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