H-E-B Grocery Store Roofing System

Steel roofing system over HEB grocery store in Austin, TX
HEB grocery store with steel arch roofing system in Texas
SteelMaster arch roofing system over gasoline pumping station

“SteelMaster’s product quality and selection was exactly what we needed.”

Location: Austin, Texas
Size: 180’ wide x 114’ long
Year Completed: 2013
End Use: Roofing System

The Need

H-E-B, a San Antonio, Texas-based grocery store chain with locations throughout Texas and northern Mexico, prides itself on creating unique designs for each of its stores. When planning began for the company’s store in the Mueller neighborhood of Austin, the design team
wanted to create a building that would honor the area’s history as the former site of a major Austin airport, so they designed a roof that
was reminiscent of an airplane wing.

The Solution

The roofing system needed to span a relatively large distance — a specialty of SteelMaster’s. A spokesperson from Selser Schaefer
Architects, a firm that worked on the project, says, “We quickly decided on SteelMaster as we researched material options for a long span
deep-V roof. Their product quality and selection was exactly what we needed and their technical assistance during the design process was


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