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Arches “Steel” the Show at this Thrift Shop

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interior of thrift store inside steel building

If you love the feeling of getting your hands on unique antiques and second-hand items, you should certainly visit Building 160 Supply Company in Pahrump, Nevada which is operated under the prefab arches of a SteelMaster building.

Anita Myers and her mother Rosmarie Ricks run the thrift shop which is filled with all kinds of nifty things including household items, electronics, apparel, jewelry, and office furniture. Customers can find anything in this shop.

Myers and Ricks own four SteelMaster structures and most recently purchased an S -Style 70’ x 30’ building.

Ricks works hard during the week to find items she knows her customers want the most.

group of people smiling in front of quonset hut holding steelmaster building sign

Building 160 Supply Company has been a permanent part of Highway 160’s landscape since the 1980s.

Meyers says when she made her purchase, not only was she attracted to the fact that SteelMaster’s buildings were able to be easily relocated, she also liked the customer service she received during the process.

She says she appreciated SteelMaster’s personalized approach and says our sales professionals were wonderful and very responsive.

Another feature that Ricks and Meyers loved was SteelMaster’s ability to customize the building to meet each customer’s unique needs and specifications.

“As you can imagine, it gets crazy hot here in Nevada! This last building has three turbines on top and doors at each end. All things considered, the temperature stays relatively comfortable inside. Another plus has been the peace of mind we have knowing our SteelMaster buildings keep our merchandise secure and dry.”

If you’re ever visiting Vegas, feel free to stop by Building 160 Supply Company. You never know what you’ll find inside!