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Looking for more information about Quonset huts? You’ve come to the right place.

Steel Buildings For Businesses — Projects & Engineering

SteelMaster has a dedicated commercial building team that’s experienced in working with businesses, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. Our building experts understand that commercial customers need prompt and professional answers about buildings that meet their bottom line and are quick to assemble.

We’ve worked with every branch of the US Military, NASA and major companies like Disney, Exxon and Boeing while still working with small businesses nationwide. Learn about some of favorite commercial building projects and the companies behind them.

Lavender Farm’s Quonset Hut Casitas Offer Views & Hospitality

The Quonset hut casitas of Rockin' H Lavender Farm in Texas are unique structures that offer amazing views and encourage relaxation for guests.

Why You Should Use a Steel Building for Your Grow House

From smaller grow houses to large-scale buildings, SteelMaster’s metal Quonset huts can accommodate any size grow operation.

Quonset Hut Distillery Featured On Discovery Channel

A Quonset Hut distillery in Virginia will show off its big makeover on the new Discovery Channel show "Whiskey Business".

Businesses Use SteelMaster Structures to Stand Out From Competition

Setting your business apart from competitors can be a hard task. Check out how these businesses use SteelMaster structures to stand out from the crowd!

New Steel Buildings Help Keep Business ‘Hoppin’ at Carpenter Ranches

Carpenter Ranches replaced their older facilities designed for drying hops with SteelMaster buildings to produce higher quality products for the growing craft brewing industry.

Oklahoma City Ballet Building Showcases Versatility of Quonset Hut

With stunning natural light and plenty of open space, the Oklahoma City Ballet building seems like it was made for showcasing the dancers' talents--but the city's professional ballet company didn't always inhabit the space.

The Remarkable Yoga Hut That Rethinks Office Space

Two experienced yoga instructors or “guides” who are not only helping people to become more aware of their bodies; they are also making entrepreneurs rethink their business space.

7 Businesses That Profited From Their Steel Building

Seven businesses all in different industries found a way to meet these demands and more when they invested in Quonset Hut steel building design.

Man Builds Dream Quonset Hut™ Distillery in Virginia

David Reavis doesn’t have to go far to find some of the best gin in town. Craft distilling has been disappearing nationwide, but thanks to one of the east coast’s newest businesses, the tide may be turning.

Cities Prepare for Winter Weather with SteelMaster’s Salt Storage Buildings

Cooler temperatures may relieve some summer stress, but it’s just the beginning of winter blues. Thankfully, SteelMaster’s salt storage buildings provide the perfect solution for transportation departments all over the United States getting prepared for a the winter blast.