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Steel Aircraft Building in Malta

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malta steel airplane hangar

As passengers traveled the airspace surrounding Malta International Airport, the southern European country’s Prime Minister Dr. Lawrence Gonzi had both feet firmly planted on the ground while delivering the keynote address at the unveiling of a private maintenance aircraft facility located at the airport.

Also on hand at the event were representatives from SteelMaster Buildings, a company based in Virginia Beach, VA that was responsible for the design and manufacturing of the facility—an “S Model” steel building that is 100 feet wide, 47 feet tall, and 82 feet long.

SteelMaster Buildings, an internationally recognized producer of prefabricated steel structures, began the 30 day construction of the facility after being tapped by MCM Maintenance Center Malta to carry out the project. MCM Maintenance Center Malta, based in Munich, Germany, specializes in providing services to light executive jets. The day following the inauguration, the new facility received its first aircraft—a Bombardier CL-600 Challenger 604 (OE-INY) of VistaJet.

“Our proven track record of delivering our international clients with the highest-quality products available at cost-effective prices with unbeatable customer service is why MCM Maintenance Center Malta chose our company to build its new facility, and we couldn’t be more proud,” says Rob Poellnitz, vice president of SteelMaster Buildings. “We were able to provide them with the large clear-span structure that they needed while also allowing for flexibility of design, and we were able to guarantee them rapid installation against their tight time constraints.”

While SteelMaster Buildings has built a solid reputation internationally with a presence in over 40 countries and on six continents through projects such as the World Resource Center in Taiwan, Goldfields La Cima in Peru, and World Vision relief structures in Haiti, the company is the proven leader in the United States as well. “We have thousands more satisfied customers worldwide, and that number continues to grow every day,” says Poellnitz. “We are thrilled that we can now add the beautiful country of Malta to our repertoire of locations, and we are privileged to have worked with the fine people at MCM Maintenance Center Malta.”