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Disaster Resistant Buildings – News & Projects

While no building can claim to be “tornado proof,” SteelMaster Quonset huts can withstand some of the most severe natural disasters. From hurricanes to earthquakes to blizzards and tornados, steel arched buildings are HVHZ approved and considered to be among the strongest structures on earth.

Alaska’s 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake No Match For Quonset Hut

An Alaska couple's SteelMaster Quonset Hut was in perfect condition after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake ripped through the state.

SteelMaster Quonset Hut Survives Category 4 Hurricane Michael

There are three words SteelMaster customer Sammy Allen uses to describe his time riding out Hurricane Michael in his Callaway, Florida home: scared to death. “I’d never been through anything…

The Life-Saving Impact of a Quonset Hut During Hurricane Maria

Jose Malave, a longtime SteelMaster customer and business owner in Aibonito, can now add one more title to his hat; Hurricane Maria Survivor. He rode out this horrific storm in his SteelMaster building.

SteelMaster Building Survives Hurricane Harvey, “No Problem”

Survivor: “My SteelMaster Building Survived Hurricane Harvey With No Problems” Tens Of Thousands Of Citizens Are Still Trying To Dig Their Way Out Of The Destruction After The Deadly Hurricane Harvey Slammed Into The Coast Of Texas.

SteelMaster’s Metal Buildings Survive Two Earthquakes in Guatemala

Since the beginning of 2017, Core Industries has been providing SteelMaster buildings for the Guatemalan market. We are proud to be serving our customers with some of the most resilient and structurally sound buildings in the world.

Prefabricated Quonset Huts Engineered to Withstand Powerful Hurricane Winds

What do you do when a swirling engine of destruction packing the power of half a million small atomic bombs comes through your town like a buzz saw destroying everything in its path?

High-Wind Rated Quonset Huts Survive Deadly Tornadoes

One violent tornado can destroy communities in an instant. Dangerously high winds and flying debris can obliterate structures in seconds, but high-wind rated quonset huts have proven their strength in the midst of the most dangerous storms.

Heavy Snow Loads Won’t Damage These Steel Storage Buildings

After two of their buildings collapsed from heavy snow loads, the Mammoth County Water District came to SteelMaster to rebuild two of their steel storage buildings.

Steel Relief Structures: The Global Solution When Disaster Strikes

Our steel relief structures are the economical solutions when countries around the world are suffering through any kind of disaster.

Building a Tiny House Quonset Hut in the Snow

Despite the difficulty, New York artist Jean Marc Sovak and his tiny house team are up for the challenge as they work to complete their tiny house quonset hut.