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High-Wind Rated Quonset Huts Survive Deadly Tornadoes

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aerial view of large quonset hut on farm surrounded by tornado damage

It takes decades to build a thriving community, but one violent tornado can destroy it all in an instant. Dangerously high winds and flying debris can obliterate structures when severe weather hits, but high-wind rated Quonset Huts have proven their strength in the midst of the most dangerous storms.

Marty Mullins and his family have experienced loss and devastation when severe weather hit their town. He owns two steel Quonset HutsTM, but they were put to the test when an F-1 tornado packing winds up to 100 mph slammed Jonesville, Virginia. They had to leave everything behind and evacuate to a safer area, but they were not prepared for what they would see when they returned.

Their beloved home was ripped from its foundation, the roof was torn off, and their precious belongings were scattered everywhere and buried in the rubble where their house once stood.

The Mullins family tried to salvage some of their photos and a few pieces of water-soaked furniture. Their barn was destroyed and the heavy equipment inside was also severely damaged along with Marty’s ‘40 Model GMC.

Marty and his family lost nearly everything, but his two high-wind rated Quonset HutsTM survived the wrath of the storm.

“When I looked around at my property, the destruction was indescribable except for two things: These two things would be a SteelMaster 25’ x 32’ shed purchased back in 1993 and a second 20’ x 30’ shed we bought around Thanksgiving a year ago. I really could not believe my eyes,” says Marty.

Marty used one of his high-wind rated Quonset Huts to store his expensive industrial tools, and he stored his truck inside of the other Quonset Hut. Thankfully, both Quonset Huts were still standing and all of his equipment and his truck were spared.

“I think this is amazing. I still can’t believe it,” says Marty.

Marty is not the only Quonset Hut owner who has experienced loss and devastation. Conda Hysell of Pikeville, Tennessee also had to rebuild after a tornado destroyed everything.

Hysell lived in the area for 35 years with her parents, and in just a few moments it was all gone.

“Our home was destroyed. There are still a few walls standing, but it will never be livable again. We had tremendous damage all over our farm,” says Hysell.

Their farm equipment was tossed around like toys, cattle were killed, power lines and trees were mangled together, and their five acres of woods had been reduced to stubble and sticks.

One of her barns was completely destroyed and the other was severely damaged. Among all of the rubble and destruction stood her high-wind rated Quonset Hut that she used for hay storage on the property.

This deadly tornado was classified as an E-5 in some areas and had extremely strong winds in excess of 261 mph.

“It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” says Hysell. “The SteelMaster is a very strong building – actually stronger than the framed buildings that we had.”

SteelMaster’s high-wind rated Quonset huts are built tough. Our structures combine the architectural strength of the arch along with 21st-century technology which makes these prefabricated steel panels strong enough to handle just about anything.

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