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Steel Relief Structures: The Global Solution When Disaster Strikes

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addition of steel arches onto s model storage building

In 2010, a catastrophic magnitude 7 earthquake rocked the country of Haiti, killing at least 100,000, destroying over 280,000 structures and leaving millions without homes.

After finally gaining independence, war-torn South Sudan is still struggling to find some sort of peace after years of conflict, thousands of deaths, and dealing with countless residents who are still trying to find homes.

People in the Philippines are certainly no strangers to massive disasters. They’ve suffered through horrific typhoons, floods, and damaging earthquakes.

Just two months ago, citizens of Costa Rica were struck by Hurricane Otto. Hurricane Otto made a historic trip across Central America in late November 2016 where it crossed through Nicaragua and Costa Rica after a late hurricane landfall leaving many people without homes.

Every year, millions of citizens around the globe are greatly impacted by devastating disasters both natural and manmade. Whether it’s the harsh reality of war, powerful storms, or destructive earthquakes, recovering from such events can seem nearly impossible at the time. Entire countries can be devastated by one terrible disaster.

The only way any country has overcome such overwhelming grief and devastation is when others around the world are ready and willing to jump in and help when these unfortunate events occur. SteelMaster is proud to be one of the many companies called upon to assist when countries are recovering from disasters.

We have worked with several organizations to help in recovery efforts including AECOM, USAID, the United Nations as well as Non-Profit Organizations such as World Vision, just to name a few. In addition to food, clean water, and medical aid, adequate temporary housing is one of the essentials for recovering communities. Our steel relief structures are the perfect solution.

SteelMaster’s steel relief structures are easy to build, eliminating the need for expensive construction crews. Locals in any country can be tasked with putting up the buildings themselves which saves both time and money.

This is exactly how several steel relief structures in Haiti were erected. The Assembly of God Church in Washington State purchased three SteelMaster buildings and donated them to the affected area after a devastating earthquake.

One building was used as a church and the other two were used for schools. A group of about 50 people put the buildings up. The bulk of the construction was completed in one month and the entire project was finished in three months. Crews there also did not need to search for any tools. SteelMaster provides everything necessary to put up the arches. They only require one size nut and bolt, which are all included in the building kit.

Yet another benefit of purchasing a steel relief structure is portability.

Our company’s headquarters is located in North America, but we have the ability to ship anywhere around the world. Our prefabricated steel arches are put into a container, shipped to any country, and easily assembled. The shipping container itself can actually be turned into a building.

That’s exactly how Clinic in a Can works. When a typhoon devastated the Philippines, Clinic in a Can was hired by the United Nations to send an ob-gyn hospital to the area. The United Nations Population Fund says hundreds of women were giving birth and 15 percent of them faced life-threatening complications.

They created the hospital from several shipping containers and used a SteelMaster container cover in their design. Not only is it easy for SteelMaster to ship steel relief structures to places around the globe, our buildings can also be taken down and easily relocated to another area.

Once these buildings are erected, it’s tough to knock them down.

Each of SteelMaster’s buildings is specifically designed to withstand the harshest of conditions. Our buildings can endure extremely strong winds, fire and they can survive the impact of flying debris during storms.

This makes our steel relief structures great for temporary purposes but also ideal for permanent ones as well.

When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, the main objective is to save as many lives as possible. As we have done for decades, SteelMaster is always ready and willing to step in to help in any life-saving efforts.