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Alabama Family Survives Three Hurricanes in SteelMaster Shed

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wind blowing palm trees and old yellow truck

Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis and Katrina were no match for a SteelMaster shed in Alabama.

While other families in one Clanton neighborhood relocated to shelters, the Brown family hunkered down in their SteelMaster building for protection from the storm.

“My SteelMaster shed can withstand 140 mph winds, which is more than I can say about my house,” says Aubrey Brown. “Before each storm hit, I stocked the motor home with bottled water and food, gassed up the tank, made sure the generator was working, and then my wife and 82-year-old mother and I hunkered down until the hurricanes passed.”

Brown, a pottery maker, purchased his SteelMaster building to house his 32-foot motor home, which he uses to travel to different craft shows. He bought the SteelMaster to protect the vehicle from the sun during the off season, but after experiencing the strength of this structure, he also used it to protect his family.

Brown says he and his family watched shingles fly off the roof of their workshop and trees sliced in half and blown to the ground all while they were shielded from the storm inside of their SteelMaster.

He also stores welders, a cutting torch and tools for mechanical and farm repair in his shed.

“Anytime the weather is too cold or raining, I just back the motor home out, pull in what needs to be repaired, and fix it. When it is real cold, I lower the 12 by 12 door and use a patio heater to work in comfort,” says Brown.

Brown is not the first customer who has used his SteelMaster building as shelter from the storm.

Several customers from different areas including Texas, Georgia and Florida all say they have also survived some of the strongest storms inside of their trusted SteelMasters.

SteelMaster’s buildings are High Velocity Hurricane Zone certified and can withstand the strongest winds and the protective coating on the steel arches prevents rusting.