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What’s the Best Storage Material For Cold-Weather Climates?

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(Spoiler: It’s Steel. Here’s Why)

In the rugged wilderness of Alaska’s rural areas, where harsh weather and wildlife present constant challenges, finding steel storage structures made with the most durable building materials is essential. Building in a cold climate presents several challenges. Wes P., a long-time resident of Nome, Alaska, discovered the perfect solution for his storage needs – SteelMaster Buildings.

For residents of Alaska, grizzly bears are not only a nuisance, but they can be dangerous. Indeed, 98% of the country’s grizzly bears live in Alaska, according to Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Wes P., a long-time Nome, Alaska, resident, knows this all too well. A grizzly bear nearly took his life in 2011.  These resourceful animals can break into residential properties, garages, and storage sheds searching for food and shelter.

“I decided to get an all-steel building for a couple of reasons,” Wes explains. “First, it will never have to be painted, and maintenance on the outside, other than keeping the doors and checking on the bolts, should not be a lot of work. Also, the cost of lumber here is high. We have had all sorts of grizzly bears breaking into garages, cabins, and homes.”

Wes worked with Residential Division Director, Noah Taylor to find the perfect building for his needs. He purchased an XA Model 17’W X 12’H x 24’L for his storage building. X Model buildings are the best choice for extreme weather and heavy snow loads due to their design.

Most Durable Building Materials For Cold Climate

Building in cold climates can be challenging, which is why Wes turned to SteelMaster Buildings. When researching the best building material for the cold, Wes found that corrugated steel is the most resistant to extreme weather. For Wes, the durability and security offered by steel construction were paramount. Living in the remote region of Council, where full-time residents are scarce, he needed a structure built from weather-resistant materials that could withstand the elements and provide a safe haven for his valuable equipment, including snowmobiles, ATVs, and a Bobcat skid loader.

SteelMaster Buildings are made from the most durable building materials on the market. Our steel is low-gauge, corrugated steel, which is one of the strongest building materials on Earth.

Quick To Assemble In Summer Months

In addition to durability, SteelMaster Buildings are extremely easy to assemble.

“One of the things I really liked about SteelMaster buildings is that they bolt together,” Wes continues. “I have a huge background in maintenance and repair, so the bolt-together buildings were a big deal for me.”

Despite his limited experience with building steel storage structures, Wes found the assembly process manageable. With meticulous planning and determination, he embarked on the journey of constructing his SteelMaster building. From laying the foundation to erecting the arches and installing the doors, Wes tackled each step with precision and resourcefulness.

“The building arrived on the first barge of the year around the 4th of July,” Wes recalls. “I had to truck it on my trailer to Council, which is 72 miles by road from Nome. Once on site, I unpacked everything and laid out the foundation plates.”

Despite encountering challenges along the way, such as navigating river crossings and adjusting to unexpected delays, Wes persevered. His dedication and attention to detail ensured that his SteelMaster building was completed to his satisfaction, providing a secure and reliable storage space for his equipment.

Longest Lasting Building Materials

Wes’s story is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of those living in Alaska’s rural regions. With SteelMaster Buildings, residents like Wes can confidently navigate the challenges of remote living while safeguarding their assets against the elements and wildlife, as they know their building is made with long lasting materials.

As Wes looks forward to completing the final touches on his SteelMaster building, he remains grateful for the support and reliability that SteelMaster has provided throughout the process. For those seeking durable and dependable storage solutions in Alaska’s rural areas, SteelMaster Buildings have proven their durability in extreme weather.