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A Stunning Little Backyard Shed You Can Easily DIY

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An Easily DIYable, Breathtaking Backyard Shed that Will Amaze You

Finding a simple backyard shed is a breeze with the simple click of a button, but actually putting one together can be a frustrating process.

SteelMaster heard the concerns of our customers, and we worked to produce affordable DIY shed kits that anyone can build.

You may be wondering:

Is this a project I actually can do without construction knowledge? Absolutely!

Seven years ago, Mark Pagliaro in Florida was on the hunt for a small yard shed after he purchased his new home. A simple search led him to

yellow backyard shed
Ever wanted to know how to build your own backyard shed?

After sifting through the options for prefabricated storage shed kits, wood sheds for sale, and other kinds of storage buildings, he was not impressed.

“In my opinion, they were overpriced and very costly to ship. I then came across the SteelMaster site offering clearance priced buildings,” says Pagliaro.

Now for the next step:

He asked for a custom price and one of SteelMaster’s building specialists reached out quickly to offer him one of our engineer-stamped shed plans.

Pagliaro says he was surprised to discover all of the benefits of a SteelMaster small yard shed when compared to other options.

He was pleased to learn that our steel Quonset Hut sheds do not require maintenance nor roofing materials; they come in a variety of sizes and they are also constructed to meet strict Florida HVHZ codes.

“I happily placed the order,” says Pagliaro.

Although the buying process was pretty easy, he ran into a few rough patches when he entered the planning phase.

He tried to get the required permits to build the shed, but officials in Florida requested a small change to his backyard shed plans.

He immediately called SteelMaster to address the issue. The problem was quickly solved and the updated drawing was shipped directly to him.

Here’s the fun part:

concrete slab for shed
Preparing the foundation for backyard shed

The next step was a breeze for him since he’d worked as a building contractor for a few years.

He built the forms so that the slab would include the lower perimeter for the side and end walls to sit on.

Once he was finished with this step, Pagliaro started to put the arches of his garden shed together.

He didn’t have a crew to help, so he had to do all of the work on his own.

Here’s where things get interesting:

Construction of backyard shed
Florida backyard shed

Pagliaro didn’t get discouraged; he got creative!

“I had no help and about 300 bolts and nuts,” says Pagliaro. “I assembled the first section of roof to wall panels on the floor and stood it up, braced it from falling then wondered ‘Okay, now how do I proceed?’ The problem was I needed a way to hold the next panel in place while I lined up the bolt holes, insert the bolt from the outside and have it stay in place while I go underneath to install the nut.”

Pagliaro created his own simple tool.

“I took a 36″ 2X2 and secured the correct size socket at the end perpendicular to the 2X2. I could then place this tool over the bolt head and using a ‘squeeze’ type clamp I secured the 2X2 at the panel edge. Any two holes that were not perfectly lined up, I used a nail punch to align them. This method turned out to be just what I needed to complete the assembly alone,” says Pagliaro.

Now for the question you’ve been asking:

How did he design those amazing endwalls?

Pagliaro purchased a steel rear wall along with the backyard shed kit from SteelMaster and he decided to create his own endwall on the front of the building.

“My design was simple. I needed a 4-foot wide door and I wanted to use materials that wouldn’t rot, so I chose pressure-treated lumber, cement board siding, and PVC trim boards,” says Pagliaro.

He painted the siding to match his new home and added a few plants, gravel, and accent lighting.

“I couldn’t be happier with the way this building looks and has performed. It’s now 7 years old and looks like the day I built it.”

He only had one regret:

“Now if I’d only bought 1,000 shares of Amazon stock then, too!”