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Customer Thrilled With ‘Bright And Enchanting’ Quonset Shed

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Silver SteelMaster Quonset Hut Shed in Mojave Desert with sunset showing in window's reflection.
Linda C.’s Nevada Quonset Hut shed

Fascinated by erector sets and geometry, purchasing a metal Quonset Hut shed was an easy decision for SteelMaster customer Linda C., the third place winner of the 2018 SteelMaster Photo Contest.

Her 1,500 square foot SteelMaster Quonset Hut shed overlooks the Mojave Desert. She has a 10′ X 12′ door on the endwall that allows her to watch beautiful sunsets every evening.

“I love our Quonset Hut shed, I absolutely adore it,” Linda said. “It is so bright, and so wonderful and enchanting and it feels so good. The building has an energy all of its own.”

Linda and her husband purchased a new property in Nevada and were looking to build a shed for storage.

She searched ‘steel sheds’ online and came across SteelMaster’s website.

For over 35 years, SteelMaster has been the industry leader in providing top-quality metal sheds to customers looking for adequate storage for their valuables. Our metal sheds can be found in every state across the U.S. and on every continent across the globe. Linda says she chose a steel Quonset Hut™ shed over the average wood shed because of the aesthetics and durability.

“[I chose it] because of its precision, because of its timelessness. I’m looking for a building that will be here for my great-great-great grandchildren.”

Our metal Quonset Huts are built to stand the test of time.  You may have seen other steel buildings become rusty due to corrosion or exposure to harsh elements. However, our steel arches are coated with Galvalume Plus, which helps prevent rusting and basic wear and tear. This significantly decreases maintenance costs as long as you own the building. Each steel panel is corrugated, adding even more strength to the entire structure. On top of that, we back every building with a 50-year warranty.

Another benefit of owning a SteelMaster Quonset Hut shed is the disaster resistance feature. Our Quonsets have survived some of the most powerful storms and can be used as shelters during severe weather.

After the arches were delivered to her new property, Linda hired a five man crew and led the project by herself while her husband packed up their house to make their big move from New Mexico.

“People try to tell you you’re too old and you can’t do it, they’re just not living life the right way I guess.”

According to Linda, there was a bit of a learning curve since it was the crew’s first time putting a steel building together. When there were hiccups in the assembly process, they enlisted the help of the SteelMaster customer service team.

“A+ for your tech support. Your tech support was really good,” Linda said.

The crew ended up putting the building together in 11 days.

While some customers like Linda enlist the help of professionals, customers have the option to assemble their own buildings with our ready-to-assemble prefabricated building kits.  Our prefab kits do not require any cutting, welding, or heavy equipment to assemble.

It’s been a year since the Quonset Hut™ was assembled and Linda loves her building more and more every day.

“When we got the doors on, the building took on an energy that I had never felt before. It’s just a visible, palpable energy,” she said. “Before we put everything in it, it had the most amazing acoustics. I wanted to sing in here.”

As they prepare to build a home on their property, Linda and her husband put all of their belongings in the shed and use it as a place to hang out. They’ve spent so much time in the shed, they added a bathroom to the structure.

“I could look at it for days and enjoy the rhythmic music of the building out here in the heat of the desert. It’s like we have a huge, oversized playroom.” she said. “It’s beautiful.”

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