Oregon Metal Buildings: Prefab Sheds, Garages, Storage & Cabin Kits

Hundreds of Oregonians have turned to SteelMaster when they need a durable, cost-effective steel building.  Whether you live on the coast, mountains, or grasslands, we have a model to fit your needs and knowledgeable teams who can guide you through the entire process.

Eco-Friendly Buildings

Environmental sustainability and eco-friendliness are very important to Oregonians—the state recently ranked second in a list of 2018’s ‘greenest’ states.

Whether you’re looking to build a green home or a sustainable workshop, you can count on SteelMaster’s building specialists to help you design an eco-friendly building.

All SteelMaster buildings are made of at least 80 percent recycled steel and are covered in Energy Star-rated Galvalume Plus coating, which reduces energy consumption by reflecting heat. This keeps your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

There are also several ways to customize our environmentally friendly buildings to increase their sustainability. Customers have the ability to take advantage of natural sunlight by installing large windows. They can also install on-site renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power, hydropower, or biomass to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the building and maximize the building’s eco-friendly potential.

Residential and Commercial Storage 

The versatility of Oregon’s economy is no challenge for a SteelMaster Quonset Hut.

Horticulture is one of Oregon’s top exports, with a production value of nearly $910 million. The state ranks first nationally for potted florist azaleas. The state’s flower, the Oregon Grape, bears yellow flowers in the early summer and a dark blue berry late in the fall. The fruit is tart and bitter and is used to make jelly locally.

SteelMaster’s metal agricultural buildings are the perfect storage solution for all types of farmers. We offer a wide range of customizable storage buildings that come in different models and sizes. A popular benefit of owning a Quonset Hut storage building is the 100 percent clear-span design. This means Quonset Huts do not require the use of beams and trusses to stand and every SteelMaster building is self-supporting, which leaves plenty of room on the interior to easily store large items and plenty of products.

Cattle and hay are also top agricultural products in Oregon, with a production value of $701 million and $661 million respectively.

Our agricultural building kits can be used to store equipment, hay storage, sand storage, grain storage, and much more. Steel buildings can also provide a place for animals to seek shelter, rest, or feed. The buildings can be open on both ends, one end or closed if access needs to be limited. Our steel arches are easy to clean—just dampen a cloth and use a bit of soap to wipe down the steel arches. Plus, steel walls will resist breakage when kicked by animals.

Because the state is so environmentally friendly, it’s no wonder gardening has become a popular hobby among Oregon residents. Gardening can reduce pollution, carbon footprint, and energy costs. It can even benefit your physical and mental health.

SteelMaster’s durable, affordable metal storage sheds are great for those with a green thumb to store their wheelbarrows, shovels, and other gardening tools. We offer a variety of easy-to-build prefabricated shed kits to help you find a safe, durable storage space for all of your valuable items. Our prefab shed kits do not require any cutting, welding, or heavy equipment to assemble. All of the steel panels in each kit are already prefabricated at our factory before it gets delivered to your doorstep. This reduces the time it takes to construct and the cost.

If you’re a hobbyist who later decides to store more than gardening tools, our storage sheds are expandable. So instead of having to purchase a new shed when you outgrow your building, you can add on to your existing shed!

Quonset Hut Homes

Quonset Huts that were once used as temporary buildings in the 1940s have now become popular in the housing industry. SteelMaster’s metal homes are perfect for new home building in Oregon.
Prefab construction is a growing trend in the Northwest. Our prefab Quonset Hut kits offer a wide range of customizable sizing options. This allows customers to control every aspect of their buildings and make any type of home or floor plan.

Architect Edgar Papazian worked with SteelMaster to turn a Portland bungalow into one of the most creative pieces of architecture in Oregon. He used a SteelMaster arch to create a curve on his home that allowed him to make the house more visually streamlined while also providing livable, architectural-character space on the second level.

The arches look much like a metal eyebrow, which is how the home is also known as “The Eyebrow House.” The home has been in several magazines and it is most popular for being used in the show “Portlandia.” It was featured in an episode in which an alien fruit returned to space.

This was Papazian’s first time using the arches. It only took him one day to put up the arches after a few minor bumps in the road.

There are several reasons for the rising popularity of prefabricated homes. Those who choose to build their own homes save money during the initial purchase of the building as well over time.
Quonset Huts are eco-friendly and reduce energy costs. Every SteelMaster Quonset Hut home comes with a special coating, Galvalume Plus, which protects the steel from corrosion over time. This coating also makes the entire building more energy efficient. It shields it from the sun during the hot summer months and makes it easier to heat during the winter.

Our buildings are prefabricated and are ready-to-assemble fresh off the pallet. There’s no need for expensive construction crews or contractors, which saves a ton of money during the building process. Our metal homes only require one nut and one bolt to assemble, making them easy to put together even for a construction novice.

Disaster Resistant

Not only are our metal Quonset Huts easy to put together, but they can also withstand the harshest weather conditions. SteelMaster’s arch-style buildings have survived severe hail storms, earthquakes, and heavy snow loads.

Since the late 1980s, earthquake hazards have been one of the major natural hazards in Oregon. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) recently found that Oregon still has a high potential for seismic activity. Most collapses that occur during earthquakes are not actually caused by the earthquake itself. A building’s seismic risk is primarily determined by its strength and stiffness. The stiffer the building, the less it will move or deflect when seismic waves move through the structure.

SteelMaster’s seismic-resistant steel buildings are specially engineered to withstand the extreme forces of an earthquake, protecting both the valuable items inside and the occupants. Our earthquake-resistant building design features make Quonset Huts some of the strongest, most durable structures on earth. When seismic waves violently flow through a structure, the strength of the building’s oscillation depends on its mass and its stiffness.

A Quonset Hut is constructed as one unit, which evenly distributes the energy caused by seismic waves to its concrete foundation with little chance of damage. The 100 percent clear span design does not require the use of beams and trusses to support the structure. This eliminates the potential for weak spots inside the building and a few areas where the structure can become damaged, which can contribute to a collapse.

Most mountain areas in Oregon are covered in snow from December to April. Residents in these areas know that having a building you can trust to withstand heavy snow loads is crucial. If a home is not well prepared or designed sufficiently, the weight of extremely heavy ice and snow can cause a devastating roof collapse. This can cost thousands in repairs and cause injuries to those inside the home.

SteelMaster’s durable, metal Quonset Huts are engineered to handle the heaviest snow loads in any region. Our steel buildings follow the snow load provisions required by the ASCE 7-95 and those of the IBC. Our arches are created with commercial-grade, high-quality steel that can be customized to accommodate extra heavy snow loads in areas that experience frequent snow storms. Any of our models can accommodate these loads including the A-Model, S-Model, the classic Q-Model, and the X-Model which is the most popular for heavy snow. The X-Model has a 4:12 pitched roof, which makes it easier for heavy snow to slide right off. We also offer a C-Model that serves as the best carport in snowy climates.

Oregon resident Bob Galven came to SteelMaster Buildings when he was in the market for a building after his wood-framed structure was destroyed under the weight of a late spring snow load. He needed a building that was big enough to store his truck and tractor, but one that could also hold his prized ‘63 Thunderbird.

Not only was Bob impressed with the usable space inside of his building, he also enjoyed the professional customer service and the building’s ability to handle the heaviest snow loads.

Although Bob was capable of doing most of the work, he hired someone to help him, and friends also pitched in to help finish the building. By the time the last arch was set in place and bolted down, Bob was so proud of his new SteelMaster, he says he felt like someone who had scaled Mt. Everest.

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