Metal Building Projects Built in Montana

SteelMaster’s building specialists have designed hundreds of buildings for Montana residents.

Our do-it-yourself Quonset huts are precut and predrilled at the factory and the shell of the building only requires one size nut and bolt. There is little to no maintenance after assembly due to the building’s durability and organic protective coating, Galvalume Plus.

View some of our Montana projects and learn more about our most common applications below.

Q Model - with big brown doors and red front door

Agricultural Storage in Three Forks

  • Q-Model
  • 35’W X 18’H X 40’L
Q model with green end wall with front door and windows

Cabin in Kila

  • S-Model
  • 24’W X 12’H X 30’L
X model with green endwall white door and green roll up door

Metal Workshop in Hailey

  • X-Model
  • 30’W X 14’H X 50’L
X model with wooden endwall and black trim

Garage in Troy

  • X-Model
  • 35’W X 18’H X 40’L
X model with rectangle door frame attached for sliding doors

Storage in Glendive

  • X-Model
  • 36’W X 20’H X 61’L
Q model with red endwall and white garage door and white front door

Workshop in Great Falls

  • S-Model
  • 40’W X 16’H X 60’L
Brown Q model with two black garage doors and blue front door

Bike Shop in Columbia Falls

  • XQ-Model
  • 60’W X 21’H X 31’L
X model with green end wall and brown roll up door

Prefab Garage in Emigrant

  • X-Model
  • 25’W X 13’H X 40’L
A model with brown door and green endwall

Agricultural Storage in Libby

  • A-Model
  • 20’W X 12’H X 30’L

Steel Building Uses for Montana Industries

Agricultural Storage

Agriculture is one of the primary sectors of Montana’s economy. Commodities may vary depending on the region of the state, including:

  • Rocky Mountain and Great Plains: Beef cattle, sheep, grain, sugar beets, potatoes fruit
  • Golden Triangle & Northeastern Montana: Grains (wheat and barley)
  • Rest of the state: Livestock for beef, cattle, and sheep production

One of the most popular benefits of owning a Quonset Hut storage building is the 100% clear span design. Unlike pole barn kits, Quonset huts do not require the use of beams and trusses to stand. 

Every SteelMaster building is self-supporting, which leaves plenty of room on the interior to easily store large items and plenty of products and large equipment.

Cheap pole barns kits may sound very appealing; however, you will only end up paying more money in the long run due to the cost of maintenance. Traditional pole barns are made of wood, which is vulnerable to rotting, pests, moisture damage and fire. A pole building that isn’t consistently maintained can be a major eyesore, decreasing the value of your property.

Although they can be a little more expensive, steel barn kits are an ideal choice in the long term because they require little to no maintenance after assembly. This is because SteelMaster uses a coating called Galvalume Plus that helps to prevent rusting and basic wear and tear on the arches.

Plus, our steel agricultural buildings are some of the strongest structures in the industry. Every SteelMaster Quonset Hut is constructed with high quality, commercial grade steel that is corrugated at our factory to further enhance the strength of the building. 

Our portable steel buildings are designed to withstand some of the most severe weather events including category 5 hurricanes, powerful tornadoes, dangerous hail storms, and heavy snow loads.

Mining Buildings

Montana is named the Treasure State for a reason! It is known for its abundant natural and mineral resources, including coal, copper, gold, manganese, sapphire, silver, lead, oil and zinc. Last Chance Gulch, which is now the city of Helena, produced nearly $4 billion worth of gold in today’s dollars. At the end of the 19th century, the mines of Montana made Helena home to the most millionaires per capita than any other city in the world.

Our steel building kits can be used for mining storage buildings. The clear span design is helpful in storing bulk materials and expensive mining equipment. 

Plus, when work is finished at one mining site, SteelMaster Quonset huts can be taken apart and moved to the next location.  The size and design of your mining building will determine the best way to move it. All you have to do is uncouple the building arches and rebuild the structure in the new desired location.

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