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Hawaiian Quonset Huts Powered by Solar Energy

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When SteelMaster customer Geno A. moved to Hawaii from Southern California in 2015, he needed to find a solution to store his belongings.

“We came over with a 40 foot container,  we packed everything,” Geno said. “I thought ‘What can I build that’s going to last?’ because it rains here and I didn’t want mold and water.”

Geno saw SteelMaster buildings in the past, and always liked the arch-style of the Quonset hut.

“I know a couple of guys on the mainland that had one as an auto shop, or converted to a really nice patio and storage area,” he said.

It was then that he talked to SteelMaster Sales Manager Scott Buckman, who specializes in Hawaiian steel buildings.

“I purchased [two buildings],” he said. “One for landscaping equipment and lawn tractor and one for my workshop to work on vehicles, surf boards–I mean everything!”

Geno and his wife put up the building by themselves with no outside help.

“Luckily I used to be a contractor and I had a lot of the tools needed.  I’m really happy with the product.”

Hawaii Solar Powered Buildings

Because he had an electrical background, he decided to use an alternative form of energy to power his two Quonset huts—solar power.

Many people use solar power in Hawaii, in fact, the Aloha state is a national leader in solar power. Hawaii solar companies are aiming to boost Hawaii’s efforts to build a clean energy future.

“Two inches under the earth [in Hawaii] it’s lava, solid rock hard lava. I wasn’t going to trench, the cost of trenching 100 feet out to the shed and shop was not gonna happen,” Geno said.

Instead, Geno went to a hardware store and purchase three sets of 15 watt solar panels.

“I bought all of the wiring and everything I needed and did a professional installation,” he said. “I was able to get enough power to get 10 amps and I can run my power tools, I can run lights, everything is LED, I can run stereo systems.”

It’s been one year since he’s attached his solar panels to his building, and Geno says his system is still working perfectly.

“It took a lot of figuring out but I did it right.”

Steel Building Shipping and Delivery in Hawaii

Because Hawaii is not part of the continental United States, shipping large items may seem challenging. However, SteelMaster’s building specialists will assist you in making the shipping and delivery process as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

Our metal Quonset huts are shipped on custom made pallets, with the arches stacked on top of each other to allow your building to be quickly and easily offloaded.

Geno said his experience with SteelMaster’s shipping and delivery process was positive.

“It came on time and it was delivered without a problem. It all worked out, delivery was great.”

Overall, Geno says he’s very happy with his building and total experience with SteelMaster. He’s even considering purchasing a steel carport for his property.

“I think it’s the greatest thing you can have here. As I drive around the islands here I see these SteelMaster Buildings of all ages. I mean, decades old and they’re still holding up.”