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From Quonset Hut to Dream Retreat: A SteelMaster Customer’s Journey

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A-Model Quonset hut with custom red end wall, white garage door, man door, a green hose on the bottom right of the building, and mountains in the background.

In the serene landscapes of northeastern Utah, at an elevation of 6,600 feet above sea level, SteelMaster customer Shane C. embarked on a remarkable journey to create his own haven—a place where he could retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life while making memories with his family.

Shane’s story is not just about a structure; it’s about turning dreams into reality with the unyielding strength and versatility of SteelMaster. The journey began when Shane acquired a rural property near Salt Lake City, a place reminiscent of his childhood adventures with his father and grandfather.

Shane said, “I chose a Quonset hut for my property because it was the most economical choice and had the most flexibility.” And, it was something I could build myself.”


Shane hired a local contractor to pour the concrete foundation. He was able to assemble the structure with the help of his son and a few friends in just 2 and a half days! Shane and his son also framed out the end wall themselves after seeing some photos online. He says he enjoys the recessed end wall because it gives a bit of a porch and shade during the day.

With a camping setup that includes a bathroom and a kitchenette—and the warmth of a wood stove, the Quonset became a complete, insulated space for Shane and his family to enjoy year-round. The camping retreat became a canvas for future plans, with an RV on-site, septic, water, and power connections making it a comfortable space even in the winter. With the insulation in place, the structure transformed from the icy winter to a cozy 70 degrees within just four hours. It was not just a retreat; it was a symbol of adaptability to the harsh weather conditions of the region.

Looking ahead, Shane envisions building a log home on the property, and the SteelMaster Quonset will play a crucial role in the transition. His Quonset hut will provide space for storage during the construction of the future home. The Quonset’s flexibility will allow for future modifications, including the addition of a loft.

A-Model Quonset hut with custom wood end wall. white garage door, next to a car cover with an RV underneath it.

Tips and Tricks for Building a Quonset Hut:

Shane shared a few tips and tricks with us after his own experience building his SteelMaster workshop. Including:

  • Purchase an industrial base connector for speed of install. Ensuring the ground was level before assembling the arches provided peace of mind.
  • Preparation – Be prepared before you start and predict any possible mishaps, (weather/schedule interruptions.)
  • The SteelMaster insulation package was crucial, especially in a remote area with harsh winter conditions.

Shane’s confidence in the product and the team grew after conversations and quotes from various sources. The decision to go with SteelMaster wasn’t just about affordability; it was about trust and confidence in a company that understood Shane’s vision.

As Shane and his son stand back and admire their property – Shane sees a lifelong dream that has come true, all made possible by SteelMaster.