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The Curved Canvas: SteelMaster Customer Designs Dream Studio

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Far view of S-Model Quonset hut with three yellow chairs, two windows bordered in yellow, with a mountain range and house in the background.

Driving through the vast desert landscapes of Arizona, SteelMaster Customer Robin K. found herself captivated by the striking silhouettes of Quonset huts dotting the horizon. Spotting these unique structures is what ultimately influenced her decision to purchase one to create her dream art studio.

Nearing retirement, she knew she wanted a large, dedicated space for projects and crafts during her next life stage.

She had long admired the Quonset huts she spotted from the road but had never been inside of one.  While researching huts online, she was led to several Quonset hut dedicated Facebook groups where she connected with local Quonset hut owners. After making connections online, she visited several local hut owners and was in awe at the variety of building uses the unique structures provided.

“I love the variety of uses; these buildings are not just for industrial or agricultural use, they can be used for homes or in my case, an art studio.”

Online and personal discussion all pointed her to SteelMaster as her hut solution.

She said, “The initial scoping discussions and ordering were thorough and easy.  I felt I was getting a sizable building from a reputable manufacturer, for a great price.  I was more than satisfied with the quality of the materials and the efficiency of the packing and shipping.”

She purchased a S-Model 24’L X 14’W X 36’H  for her art studio. Danny Forbes was hired to build her structure, which he erected in days.

Robin wanted a joyful, colorful interior.  She knew the hut was the perfect gallery for her sizable collection of art by Jay Ryan. She gathered vintage steel tanker desks and had them powder coated in colors that complemented the art.  These desks provide substantial square footage of open, usable surface area – what every crafter, sewist and DIY homeowner desires.

She notes, “Listening to music completes my hut experience; the hut delivers concert-hall acoustics! I love that it is a dedicated space to its purpose. It frees up space in my house and garage.”

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